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    I have been to a few bars on the main land, my experience at bheerhugz was exceptional, i enjoyed every bit of song sang by the band (live band), though i am not so good at dancing, i was forced to do something that looked like i was dancing. What i enjoyed the most was their delicious meal, that day i ordered a seafood pasta and my friend ordered spaghetti Jambalaya. I think their food taste great, each time i remember their pasta i salivate. I am even salitavating as i am typing Lol. The annoying thing was that i waited for so long to have my food but whem the food finally arrived, the packaging and the taste of the food was worth the wait.

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    Bheerhugz… good experience each time I am there but what I notice is there’s always lawlessness when the Manager isn’t around although I might be wrong. As for the food, I haven’t been disappointed before. I always love sitting upstairs but the only thing that takes me downstairs is the Asun and the fish but the Ofada rice no try too well. Keep the good works going and Im happy Bheerhugz is opening closer to my area soon. cheers

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    I wanted to just read past this post without dropping a comment, but then I thought I won’t be doing anyone any good.
    First of all, the view from the terrace on that perfectly private saturday evening was cool. And that particular waitress that attended to us was quite accommodating (Sadly, I don’t know her name).
    My major pain was the WIFI ‘ish’. If you don’t have, I totally get that but having (more than one)and I can’t connect to any, is totally wrong.
    On the good side, the extension downstairs was much cooler and livelier.
    My advice to the bar upstairs is this: Don’t lie to keep your customers. It’s a really really bad idea.
    I rest my case for now.

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    I was in Nigeria last year and I had a nice time at bheerhugs Cafe! Didn’t stay upstairs @ d bar but the extension downstairs was superb! On the contrary what I enjoyed the most downstairs was the Asun as it was so peppery and had a good taste as I can almost say it was d best Asun I have ever had and then the fish with chips was awesome! As for me I give bheerhugz 9 over 10

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    I was in Nigeria last year and I had a nice time at bheerhugs

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    Do you know that feeling of your hopes being raised incredibly high and then shattered like a broken glass? That was the feeling I got after my experience at Bheerhugz Cafe. I wished I had watched a movie instead. I mean, who lies about your programme for the evening? It’s as simple as “I’m sorry but karaoke would not be holding today as there is a live band. But why don’t you give them a chance? I’m sure you won’t be sorry”. End of story! Instead, there was “I’m very sure it would start soon. The live band are rounding up and karaoke would start anytime from now”. But then the list never came. I was so disappointed. (I should say here that I’d been looking forward to my karaoke moment all year)
    But the extension downstairs was ok. For one, I think things were a lot cheaper. But your experience there, I realised, is totally based on you. I had a better time downstairs than upstairs. (Thanks to my friends. Love y’all to pieces).
    One great thing about the place though is the view from the terrace. Now, that is awesome! I could sit there all day and feel the air against my face.

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