Listed and first reviewed on: 11/23/12

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    So I went to Bistro 7 yesterday with my boyfriend and it was just there. our bill came up to 15k and it was so sad because the food WASN’T worth it. My boyfriend was really upset too. Imagine this, we paid 5k for english breakfast that had only 1 horrible toast, 4 small round potatoes and just tasted so ordinary. The current pricing is RIDICULOUS, I wish I could show you a picture of our 15k meal. SO NOT WORTH IT!

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    I was at Bistro 7 a couple days back and was impressed with the decor and food. The chai latte I got wasn’t bad at all, and their hot chocolate was very nice. I’d really wanted the pesto omelet but it was available so ended up with the 4 cheeses omelet and it was delish! Err rrr1 thing though..there’s only 1 bathroom! and it’s pretty decent..however, I observed there was a line outside the bathroom because someone was in there a little longer than normal so the other 3 or 4 ladies had to wait outside the restroom for a bit….

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    Yeah I've been to this place. Its absolutely fantastic! The food the ambience and the service was all top notch. Highly highly recommended.

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