Listed and first reviewed on: 11/11/13

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    Don’t know if u can deliver at Abule Egba?

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    I came for Sandra’s birthday, i enjoyed then small chops, especially the spring roll but i was too shy to ask for more

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    Long time no comment, anyways i have tasted bkr small chops. they catered my friends birthday party early this year. The delivery guy is cute, :D, but above all, the samosa is soo delicious.

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    I attended Sandra’s Party, and i kept on asking for more small chops. Very very tasty. I love you sandra. i wont tell u who i am . But i have a crush on u

    1. SandraGee_

      awwwn. reveal yourself please. thank you fro coming for my birthday. Im happy you had enough small chops.

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    It’s really good and very tasty. Love their Samosa !

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