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    Bnatural VI. Very dissapointed. Maintenance! Maintenance! The naija saga. Steam machines were not working yet they still sold me a special hammam experience which was so mediocre that I could not believe it. Hardly any oils or soap used and one apologetic lady scrubbing away at my skin cells with just water and sponge. Of course hardly any dirt washed off and I came out feeling bruised. I had done it at bnatural before and it was really good but this time scarred for life.

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    Pls how much do they do facials In Bnatural.

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    It’s now more like B not natural ,I went there yesterday and the service was less than great with bad management . This was not the case when I first started using the spa.Ndidi Lawal owner of bnatural do yourself a favor and get a new manager the person there right now acted like a mad dog shouting and insulting clients.this is not the bnatural I once knew. The once calm ,lovely place has turned into hell o not natural for clients.please my advice will be stay away from the Victoria island branch if you don’t want to be insulted.

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    The natural you are on about no longer the same place I remember,I was there yesterday the v/i branch and it was drama after drama the so called manger was so rude to two customers,where the same person calling customers names and shouting at them. The first customer had a package deal all the staffs knew these,this so called manager rolled her eyes and raised her voice at the lady for not informing her before she went ahead with the service ,I sat there horrified at the event.
    She came back after the client left and became to wash her down with insults such as I do not know how these sort of people would walk in here for service ,at that time I was on the phone ,I said to her please am on the phone keep it down and then again she went off like a mad .dog. The bnatural I know wasn’t the one I walked into yesterday ,it used to buzz with life ,great atmosphere ,client everywhere,be not natural is what it like right now

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    I would like to get reviews on bnatural spa laser treatment for facials and acne

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      Hi Bibi!

      I personally don’t have any insight into the bnatural spa laser treatment for facials and acne…however if acne is the issue, I think you should check out this kit ( I used to have acne, but since I started using this kit, I’ve seen tremendous results. In addition, I only started using the kit because I saw the before and after effect on my sister’s face! I’ve introduced tons of people to this product and it has worked for all but 1 person, who I think did not follow the instructions…

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    Hey Pbchic! Perhaps you can contribute to ReviewNaija by sharing some reviews/pictures of places you've visited? (i.e. Barazahi, Four Points, etc). That would be superb!! 😀

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    I havent been to Bnatural yet and tempted but a bit scared due to the mixed reviews Ive read online. I know two people who went and really loved it but theyre both ladies who arent super sensitive/fussy. On the otherhand Im very fussy and have sensitive skin so while I love beauty and being pampered I do a lot of research before I try a place and really need them to consistently be good because Ive learnt from experience not to play that good aesthetician/therapist/technician lottery! In Lagos I've been to Barazahi a couple of times and they were consistently good (only massages). I've also had a treatment at the Four points sheraton spa but I wasnt too impressed with that one.

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    Let us know what you think if you try this spa 🙂

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    Never tried any spa treatment before. Think I should try this.

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