Listed and first reviewed on: 01/16/17

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    Chocolate loaf is my favourite…great pastries!

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    Bread lounge is an amazing cool spot …it gave me the flavour and concept of being in the comfort of my home. It has a perfect and conducive atmosphere for meetings , hangouts and much more. The breath taking ambience is phenomenal.
    If you haven’t been to Bread lounge you just haven’t been to the coolest classy spot in town.

    I was wowed at the sight of the ambience and the serenity is awesome.
    The interior is next to perfect, the food was well served and tasty , the hospitality was amazing

  3. Kome G
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    I like the interior space here. Looks like the downstairs space is still being worked on but upstairs is fully functional. Suya bun and donuts are nice. The slushie is pretty good and the taro iced tea was better than I expected. Pricing here is also affordable (e.g. donuts cost 350 naira each). I’ve mostly had good experiences here but have been avoiding the space because I haven’t given up on my fitfam goals.

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    The suya bun is AMAZING!! I haven’t tried anything else because, honestly, the food isn’t presented well.

    1 star for presentation. I tried the suya bun because my boyfriend had been talking about it.

    Just goes to show: never judge a book by its cover. The food might not look nice but it’s tasty.

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