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    KG, if that was the only thing you picked up from my responses I sincerely pity the reason for your existence. Brace your soul and live positively.

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      Oga! Don’t be angry na. Its just a review or are you the owner of the business ?

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      just because expatriates go somewhere doesn’t mean ANYTHING! Stop feeding into white privilege and your personal insecurities.

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    Reviews are timeless YES! When I started reading I was expecting to see he went back recently and things have changed or the first time was awesome and recently things have gotten worse.

    This was an interviewed review and to maintain credibility of this website the onus lies on the administrators to check and double check either by getting a 2nd view of another person or the same person in question. So are their going to be more reviews for Bungalow? Or everything happens on this comment thread? Remember, some persons don’t have the patience to go through comments.

    I’m sorry if I’m coming too hard on you, I’m only trying to be as objective as possible.

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      The additional reviews occur via the comment thread, thereby providing viewers with an opportunity to agree or disagree with a review based on their own experiences.

      We appreciate the objectivity 🙂

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    This review is crap!!! Having it up here is more or less bad mouthing someone’s business. If you don’t have a fresh review of Bungalow please pull this down. You are putting up a 7 year old occurrence as a review?

    Sincerely, this is WRONG! I have visited Bungalow severally and I haven’t experienced this. Also, it’s a choice spot for expatriates and if it was this bad they won’t remain in business.


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      Reviews are timeless. We have acknowledged that this review is based on an experience that happened years ago. The important thing to note here is that this was someone’s Bungalows experience and this particular customer still remembers this experience and has not visited the establishment again. Having said that, there’s a star rating at the top which other viewers can use to rate the business based on their own experiences. There’s also the comments section where people can share their experiences. All in all, no bad mouthing here…just more creating awareness.

  4. SandraGee_

    I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about bungalow’s and was going to give it a try this year. I heard food is good and the ambience is nice. I was also told the attendants are polite. This incident happened in 2009, let’s just hope/assume that they have changed/fired the rude ones /improved.

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