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    I came for the macarons per recs and wasn’t dissapointed. Got 10 different flavors and all tasted great…my best is the caramel one…you can thank me later *wink*

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    Their macarons are top notch and delicious. In fact, I dare say their macarons are perfect. Got the raspberry, red velvet, coconut and all were so nice and cost 250naira each! I was very impressed and will probably be going back for more cuz they’ve got pretty good variety.

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    My family and cactus go wayyyyy back. We used to come here when I was a kid on Sundays. My siblings and I would play on their swings at the back of the restaurants. Great memories.

    More recently, Cactus has become like that old friend you have definitely outgrown and wish would change to keep up with the times. but you can’t help but keep talking to them because well, they are your child hood friend.


    Even though cactus has been around for a while, the food is still pretty good. Their club sandwich and house salad are still my favorites. I don’t know why but I can’t help it.

    Their baked goods especially their croissants are still some of the best I’ve had in Lagos. I sometimes stop by in the morning for a hot chocolate and croissant because it’s still very good.

    In general cactus food is good food.


    The staff still haven’t changed. They mess up orders, they are not attentive, they forget special requests (like the time i asked them not to put dressing in my salad and of course the salad came drenched in dressing)

    Also those two ladies that handle POS payments when you order from the bakery are sooooo rude. I go to cactus a lot so trust me they are always like that. One of them is a bit old…like in her 50s and she’s just horrid.

    They could also consider getting new furniture though. Those their brown / cream chairs have tried.

    All in all, Cactus is decent. I wish they would make some improvements and train their staff better. I’ll probably never stop coming to cactus though. It’s like family.

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    I had some oatmeal cookies at Cactus after being told they didn’t have the mint flavoured fluffly cake I had been craving for.
    Customer service was cool from my entrance to the exit. Environment very nice. Wd come back again.
    By the way, cookies were tasty too. Thanks to the baker. Keep flying! I’d rate the restaurant 4/5.

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    I was at cactus today..service was lacking tbh. I was in line and couldn’t understand why it was an issue to get a scoop of ice cream in a cone! I eventually got a scoop(cost 350) and it was just ok! Cactus ice cream used to be the best for me, but I guess now that we have coldstone and ice cream factory my taste buds have “matured”. Anyway, I chilled outside by the water and it was cool (some mosquitoes chopped me though). Issue though, there were no waiters outside! So after my ice cream I’d decided to order a burger but was difficult to get someone’s attention. I finally did and was told the kitchen was closing in 10mins (at 10pm)! #hiss

    PS – I did see that they had macaroons and will try them one of these days…

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    Cactus Restaurant is the place to be!!!!! Nuff said!! U
    guys gotta check this place out. All u need is to be
    there. I rate them 4 out of 5!!! Gracias

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