Listed and first reviewed on: 08/02/12

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    Hello I would like to report Chocolat Royale for the spoilt food I was served today and the general low standards and shoddy work. I ordered a seafood Alfredo dish today and the seafood inside had gone off. Was sure cause it smelt and had an after taste. Imagine, do they know how dangerous it is to feed people fish or shellfish that has gone off!?!?

    Thankfully they were gracious and took it back. I ordered a penne Arabiata and that was also a mistake. Just pasta boiled in tomato paste with no spice and barely any cheese. There was no cheese in the dish; I was given my old cheese from the the Alfredo to use.

    It is truly sad that they are still around to poison and depress lagosians. Chocolat Royale DO BETTER!

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    Yeah I have to agree!! Cafe Royale is one of my best places in Lagos!!!

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