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    Cakes and cream is always a go to… Weldone

  2. Kome G
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    As a serving youth corper, I’m in the Surulere area more often these days so I stopped by this branch. Layout is pretty basic and straightforward. There’s parking for like 2 cars and tight street parking.

    Got a slice of the black forest cake and the red velvet. Black forest was ok, won’t get it again. But the red velvet? I think they steadily get this one right! Cost 800 and 900 per slice respectively.

    Service was prompt too. Also got a picture of their most recent pricelist…

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    Yea.. Cake n cream is the dope… U just cant escape next bite… They v been my cake bakers over ten years… Yes i said over ten years and i couldnt deny them of my weddn cake as well.. Yea they made my wedding cake too both engagement and white… And they v had loads of recomendations from me to an extent my family wonder if v got shares there. But guys u gat to watch ur customer service really.. U can imagine after such long years u r still been look at like a common road bug… I had to slam it on d face of one d desk person in surulere wen she was giving me attitude bcos my card dnt work… Shame it was d bank ntwk not mine.. I got pissed.. Pls quick idea take example from Dominon just ur phn no after the first day then u r king… Yea we need to b recognised after spendibg our money… Ask the musician wen they praise

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    Loll…black forest has no layer of coffee…Google it.

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    In my humble opinion, cakes and cream have one of the best sponge cakes around, but they are sorely lacking when it comes to deserts, i went in there for a black forest cake and even though i have been an ardent fan of cakes and cream and i usually tout its greatness to the world, I was taken aback and disappointed. Who on earth in this world doesn’t know that one of the reasons the cake is called black forest is that it has chocolate shavings on top and underneath, a layer of coffee before the chocolate cream? and there’s fruit lining? apparently the bakers at c&c do not know this cos all they had was just normal chocolate sponge covered by normal white cream with almonds at the side. WTF? Wheres the decadence that comes with black forest? i tried complaining there and instead of the attendant to listen like she should, she went on and on about that’s how they make theirs, if they do not listen, how can they correct it. Their website is even totally antiquated, there’s no place there for complaints or suggestions. This was the worst thing i EVER bought from C&C and iv learnt NEVER to go back for deserts

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    I'm still trying to be on #teamkeepfit so pls do not tempt me too much. Surulere is not so far away you know 😉

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    Xceptional services,d only tin is dey dnt rotate designs…dey use d same designs 4 a long period xcept frm dat deir cakes r AMAZING!!!

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    Good review. U'll always want more from cakes and cream

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    i got my cake from C & C last month.
    it was awesome

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    This is a very good review . I've tried the online delivery once and I was told they didn't get my order . But there cakes are still awesome

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    This is Soo truee. Cakes& Cream is Just Awesome! ! They have the best cakes. Yummy too x_x .

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