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    A lot has been said already but no review has captured the Uyo center of Carlcare (or CarlSCARES?).

    So my device (Tecno PhonePad II) touch screen stopped responding on its own just a few months after I bought it from Konga (it was still under warranty). I took it to CarlCare, Uyo Center, and I expected that it would be fixed free of charge based on my warranty. On getting there, the plump, saucy and impatient lady called Grace examined the device and said I have to pay 15k for repairs because she could see some specks of sand between the screen guard and the LCD (which wasn’t cracked in any way).

    I was filled with utter dismay. I tried to stand my ground but the lady insisted that what happened was physical damage (even though I know NOTHING damaged the device physically). So I had no other choice than to pay the 15k (I couldn’t take it elsewhere in Uyo because there were no other genuine tecno repairers around apart from the untrusted and untested road-side technicians).

    After paying the 15k, I was told to come back for the phone in a week time. I returned to pick the phone and truly the screen was changed. Fast forward a few weeks after the said change, my phone suddenly stopped charging. I tried several chargers and it didn’t work. I knew the problem was from Carlcare because they were the only ones that have opened the phone so far.

    I took the device back to CarlCare Service Center, Off Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo. This time I was welcome by the anti-customer face of Innocent, one of their male staff. Innocent is not someone anyone should put in front of customers at all. He examined the phone after I told him it stopped charging and that I had repaired it there before. I was billed N400. I paid N1000 and they didn’t have complete change so I was owed N400 (I never got the balance). Innocent asked me to return the next day for the phone.

    So I returned the next day and was asked to come the day after. I did so and was asked to come by Friday (this happened on Tuesday). I returned there on Friday and was told that my phone has been sent to Port Harcourt for repairs because they couldn’t do it. I was yet again asked to return the next week. I returned on the day they stipulated and this time I met Grace, the plump worker. She said that my device is taking too long to repair and that they want to swap it with a new device for me. My goodness! I was elated! I never knew she kept a whole lot about the said swap from me.

    I brought my receipt as Grace requested and she said that she would apply for the swap. I was asked to return the next day. When I got there on the next appointed day, I was then told the truth about the swap. Grace (the Carlcare worker) said that I have to choose between L9 and L8 Lite and PAY THE DIFFERENCE IN PRICE. Firstly, both of these devices were far lower than Tecno PhonePad II both in price and functions. Secondly, my choice was limited to ONLY both (even though I wanted other choices). Seeing that I have no other choice, I settled for the L9 which was higher than L8 Lite.

    Grace then made it more complicated by saying that I have to pay another N13,000 for the swap difference. My PhonePad II was bought at 40k last year, the price is currently 55k in Slot. L9 is sold at 36k everywhere. So I wondered why I should pay a difference of 13k? She said the money covered both the swap and the failed attempt to repair my previous phone’s damaged board. I was disappointed again. It should be noted that I didn’t have any other phone to access the internet with at this point and I was basically frustrated with everything.

    So I had to pay another 13k to complete the said swap for a LOWER ranking device without even 4G (which my previous phone had). After payment, I was told to wait or to go and return because their server was down. I collected Grace’s number so that I can call her to know the updates but she didn’t pick up all through except once when she said she would check and never returned the call or picked up again. I even sent a text but had no response.

    I had to return to CarlCare office again that day to know the update. Immediately Grace and Innocent (Carlcare workers) saw me, they seemed uncomfortable. I smelt something fishy. I was asked to wait yet again. Probably frustrated by my own frustration and impending anger, Grace went in and brought a Tecno L9 device in the following conditions:

    1. No pack or carton
    2. No accessories, including charger
    3. No receipt for the new device
    4. Device looked more refurbished than new
    5. She declined to help me setup the phone and insisted I do it on my own (WHY?)
    6. My N400 initial change wasn’t returned
    7. I didn’t even get a printout for the transaction

    I had no other choice than to accept the phone. I took in knowing that it was the only choice I had (she had said its either this or I pay for a new board amounting to over N20k).

    This is an experience I wouldn’t want another to have. I have resolved to avoid anything that takes me to CarlCare at all costs and if something should ever take me there, I will take ice and fire along with me and give them a terribly cold hell. I advise everyone to avoid CarlCare, and in fact, Tecno products entirely (I have another Tecno 8H wasting away in my room because CarlCare couldn’t repair it – barely a year after I bought it).

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    How much does it cost to repair Infinix Got Note charging port?? And can i get it back that same day? Also, how do i know of i hab warranty? cos i didnt buy it at a slot!!

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    How much would it cost me to repair the touch pad of my techno h7 at Carl care…and when would carlcare go on Xmas break

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    How much would it cost me to repair the touch pad of my techno h7

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    My inifinix hot note was misbehaving i took my phone to carlcare ikeja they say it is motherboard i should bring 20000 thousand is dat nt ridiculous

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    pls I want to swap my infinix hot note 2 to hot note 3 plz tell me d procedure if I can

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    Wow. I think I’m the only one who hasn’t experienced such with Carlcare. I’ve repaired my Infinix hot note twice in the Benin office, the first time was when it accidentally fell into water and the second time, it just stopped charging. Both times, my phone was repaired within a week and it was absolutely free. The customer service was good. They called me to inform me about the time of collection. I was really impressed.

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    how much is d screen touch of tenco l8

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    Pls folks tell me how much will it cost me to repair my infinix hot note 2 screen there’s liquid on d screen and how many days or hours we it take to have it back after making payment thanks. Pls contact me 09093216063

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    I mean d red stuff at d place of where we insert handfree .pls how much will it cost

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    pls I need techno j7 top case it fell down so d case misplaced how much will it cost

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    “I am highly disappointed to subscribe to infinix phone. I bought infinix X509 in november 2015 and it stops charging since March 2016. Despite all my efforts in visting and calling carlcare, there is no solution. The response is “NO MATERIAL TO FIX AND NO SPECIFIC DATE TO HAVE MATERIAL”. My experience with Infinix is very bad. How on earth can phone be manufactured without material to repair it? Thank you”

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    I bought Techno L8 plus three weeks ago, how much will it cost me do change if to canon C9

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    how much will it cost me to change my tecno r7 broken screen

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    Carlcare ehnn,all of a sudden i noticed my phone infinix hot note stopped charging,i took it to carlcare center at square to get it fixed but i was told because the screen of my phone is damaged(not as if the touch pad isnt working o),i have to pay 8000 i was not with such amount and i didnt budget for such i went away hoping to come back when i have the money…i checked back again the infinix hot note screen has increased to 10200…choi,where i wann see money i decided its not yet time to fix the phone…later i called again to fix this phone for 10200,but the price again as gone up to 11300,you can imagine the rubbish on top phone screen i decided that this time i will just go and withdraw 2000 around to complete the 10000plus with me so i can get my phone done..but the sad story is i came in contact with the bad boys at ikeja which eventually lead them to steal all i had including my blackberry Z10…Now the annoying thing is this…Why should the prices of a Phone screen go thta high between three weks i have been parading that place and if i can vividly remember i was told this said phone has 1year warranty and i have bearly used it for six month..its Painful i lost my hard earned money to the struggle of repairing my phone…as a student the little i had was taken away from me,
    all thanks to our dear infinix

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    I was highly disappointment in your product I but infinix note2 about a month and half the phone was hinging return it to your office at apapa kofo abayomi office, after they call that the is ready I went to pick up after using for 4day the problem stated back i have returned it back again please change it for me before is too late

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    As a dealer in tecno I hv not experience professional services in CarlCare.

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    wanna fix my techno m7..dunno if they have the board for it..I don’t have time to be wasting in their so called office

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    Pls what’s the next call of action i can do cos it seems am already a prey ooo.. I Drop my phone on the 31st and was asked to check back 2 weeks time being 18th, lo and behold was told my phone has been send to the factory for repair.. Pls dont whats your advice ve been calling to confirm if it is ready but i was told its not ready yet.. Ought to ve travelled its d phone that is delaying me, pls advice me cos m fed up oo

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    I am on my way to this co called care centre,I just googled to find info about them and having read all these posts, Ive changed my mind. Its not worth it wasting time and money.
    Thank you folks.

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      You are most welcome! Let us know where you end up repairing your phone…maybe we can get a review!

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    I was in Carlcare office yesterday to repair my infinix phone that was faulty due to liquid damage but i’m asked to pay 11.5k but couldn’t cos i only went there with 10k. Thank God that i come through this site today to read all the above statement for me not to waste my time and money.

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    I was in Carlcare office yesterday to repair my infinix phone that was faulty due to liquid damage but im asked to pay 11.5k but couldn’t cos i only went there with 10k. Thank God that i come through this site today to read all the above statement for me not to waste my time and money.

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    I must admit these people are fraudulent. I bought an infinix hot 2 @ Slot Ikeja on the 7th of this month and ever since then it has been trouble for me with the phone. First, it started discharging and when I switched it off to see if it’ll charge the battery percentage rises from where it was before like from 40 to 60%. Crazy, isn’t it? I took the phone there for repair exactly on d 18th and got an sms to come pick it on the 24th. When I got there it was a case of frying pan to fire. I tested d phone to confirm if it had been really fixed but lo and behold new issues came up entirely. it just didn’t charge when I switched it off which wasn’t d case before, I was so frustrated I felt like turning d whole place upside down. I had to drop the phone again for repair, this time around I spoke with an engineer there and he told me to drop it that he’ll work on it. He told me to come back for it on Friday and I hope I won’t come back home with sad stories. It really is frustrating. A new phone giving one issues.

    1. SandraGee_

      I totally agree wth you. I have used my infinix zero for a year now and it recently started misbehaving. I took it to carlcare only for them to tell me i had to use 17500 to fix the motherboard. I mean, how much did i get the phone. It is very ridiculous.

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    hello can i swanp my infinix x506 to anoda phone?

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    I’m glad for this blog. I was contemplating whether or not to go today, but guess my final decision.

    I’ll surf to find solution to their product’s problem or I change ma phone.
    Moreso, I tried those numbers but they’re not connecting.

    Thanks guys

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      Glad you found this post and comments helpful! 🙂

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    Do Carlcare give genuine new phones for swaps or do they give out refurbished phones?

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    I just bought the Infinix hotnote pro i discovered that it was hanging, downloading apps itself and other issues. I took it to Carlcare at ikeja i was asked to frop it and come back for it in 2weeks time, getting there on the said date i was handed over a black phone and of which the phone i dropped was white. I told them that that was not my phone, but the attendant asked me to power on the one they brought but it was not powering. They told me to come back again after 7 working days. Tomorrow will make the 7 working days i was given, i called today i was told my phone is not ready . I guess they are bitting more than what they can chew. My phone is still very under warranty, I pray they sort it out before i loose my patient and go the legal way.

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    Good day, please i want to inquire that, can my Infinx zero be swap for Techno 8H. kindly reply as soon as possible please. thanks 07039442053

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    This carlcare rubbish, i took my infinix which has a broken screen to be fixed. only the broken screen, the phone os software is work perfect with any issue. Now they replace screen with 10, 300 naira but the software loaded on the phone is very very bad. it freezes and hangs at will. if calls comes it it will write com.andriod..msi bla bla bla and just misbehave. they are a cheat i suspect they took my original panel and put one rubbish yet they collected 10 300 only to replace broken screen

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    please BENIN CARE CENTRE is lacking techno m7 touch pad

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    This is a FRAUD company and should be Dealt with the right way.

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    I ma surprised that this so called company is still in business… We need to solve this issue as soon as possible, otherwise may customers will be fixed.

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    I have a big problem with my phone Infix that i bought in Kenya 1 month ago and after there few days i returned it back to the CARLCARE center for the repair. I am shocked since have stayed without Phone and when i call them, they tell me to wait that they have no software. This Phone i bought it at USD 230. I Think the government should involved and deal out with all fake businesses these people have so many offices and smart ones only to cheap people, they are SCAMMERS TOO.

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    I bought two Techno F5 for my two sisters last year August and September respectively and they both got bad in April. I took them to Carl care both at opebbi and awolowo and both told me material not available after dropping it with them for 3 weeks. August and September are around the corner, the phones refuse to power on, what do I do?

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      I bought my Phone INFIX there last month on 23rd July from a shop that sell Infix Accessories, This is not serious as i took back the phone to the Carlcare on 20th August after the phone failed to give out sound and it had a big issue with the Battery, 1 week now since i returned it and when a called the customer service yesterday, they said that no repairs has been done since no material to make my phone well. So i asked about when i should expect it back, the answer was i should wait or go and pick back handset, i was shocked to hear that kind of talk, i therefore ask those responsible to get involved and help customers get their right, as we do not know how this is going on, many people raising issues and no on concerned, you get the Carlcare offices they look smart that you can think the same will work smartly to deal with customer’s complains. Those buying INFIX PHONE PLEASE TAKE CARE. I ma waiting for 1 more week to see what what will happen with my phone. I bought it at USD 220. If any person had the same issue before kindly advise. Do i have right to report the matter to the Police? Thank you for your time, but please BE AWARE OF CARLCARE AND INFIX PHONES. Best.
      Michael. +254 712005546

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    am disappointed for what am hearing about carlcare am about to take my phone to ur office b4 but now I can see ur company is not reliable I will never come to ur office again is better to take my phone to computer village nonsense people and nonsesnse company

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    How much do they repair the techno h5 touch

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    This is kinda serious. I intend taking ma fone (Infinix Hot note) there for kind of complain/check up cos it isn’t charging faster as it was some 6weeks ago when i bought it from jumia.

    formerly, under 2hours, fully charged, but now, i have to leave it for more than 4 hours to be fully charged and the light not coming up again when the charger is attached.

    Haven read above comments and experiences, i developed a kind of feeling.

    seriously confused here.

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      yeah I always feel bad for folks who have to deal with Carlcare. I’ve never had to deal with the company but from what I’ve read it’s best to just go elsewhere. perhaps computer village? or even go back to Jumai if there’s some type of warranty?

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    my infinix hote is having issues of sharing files, like images , example if i snap a picture on my nfinix note , and i want to share it on facebook ,whatsapp,instagram etc, it will give me a response that the file am sending is not an image format,

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    when I turn up my phone to make call my phone just black out. but still making the call but I can’t put it on loud speaker or record calls the screen is just black out.

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    if these i show you care about customers then be ready to go packing up in the nearest future .services at carlcare is not professional but road-sided .cant belive the g9 i bought is gone barely just 5months after purchase .i think suing the entire company will be the best ,because you have no right to play on any ones intelligence .what exactly is the purpose of warranty ?

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    Very incompetent care center… how long will it take u to fix a simple issue. Seriously u people are disgrace to techno company. Bad service. Am coming there this morning to cause kasala, of my phone is ready.

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    wow! so much negative comments.. was considering going there tomorrow. but then again change-of-plans. Thanks, ReviewNaija

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      Happy we could provide helpful insights. Please come back and review an organization sometime! 🙂

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    My experience with CarlCare didn’t proffer solution to the problem i had. I bought this overhyped, substandard Infinix product.(Infinix Hot-X507), shii overheated and went blind on me just 2wks and 3days after purchase from
    I thought there was hope with warranty, so i went to their CarlCare office at Opebi, i saw some sad, almost teary eyed individuals exchanging sad stories at the Tecno section. Well, i got directed to the V.I.P section from that Tecno zone and woah! I saw 2 people from my school(College Of Medicine, Unilag) that had issues with their newly purchased infinix zero phones, we exchanged pleasantries and sad stories and i sat down to wait for my turn. I had been given a numbered card. I observed from my seat waiting for the security man to call 22, and finally he did. The particular customer care rep i was trying to avoid was the one i got, i didn’t like the way she chewed gum. Well, i went to Her, sat and greeted her and she smiled and replied, she seemed nice to me, i explained to her what was wrong, She checked and did all those official stuffs, gave her my name, contact and all of that. She gave me a form with Carlcare stamp to come back with on Tuesday the next week. 2days later a lady called me and said that i had to come over and pay 12K before they fix my phone, i’m like why? Warranty nko? She said liquid damage and hung up! Shuoo, She should have kukuma flashed me nau.
    I went the next day and a well-mannered lady attended to me, She said that the engineer said it was a liquid damage and warranty doesn’t cover for liquid damage, but forgot to explain how liquid entered and damaged it. I felt like they were avoiding fixing it for free, because the phone did not enter water. Paying 12K to fix a phone i got for 15K is not my kinda story so I collected the phone and left. It now serves as an mp3 player as it plays music when i insert my ear-piece.

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      With all the comments I’ve read about Carlcare I’m surprised the company is still in business…

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        Naija nau and no reasonable competition…

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          You’re right sha..sounds like a business opportunity to me…

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    Thanks… I’ll consider that, do you have any idea how much I can do it there, at the computer village I mean

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    My phantom a3 fell down and now the the touch isn’t working, the screen is still ok tho… How much do you guys think they’ll fix the calibration???

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      From all I’ve read you’re better off going to a different place to get your phone fixed! Computer village perhaps?

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    My brother (Kehinde Oni) was in your Opebi office on my behalf to carry out a repair on my Infinix Zero (Gold Colour), WO Number LF1327712. The first time i went to your office myself, i was told that the screen is not available and was given a number to call for information before i bring it the next time, i keep on calling until sometimes in January when i was finally give a green light that the screen is available. My brother took it to them the next day and was told to come back a week later, he went back on the appointed date, but the phone has not been repaired, he was later told that the back casing has also been broken and i was asked if they could change the case to black of which i gave them the go ahead and since that day, they have given us like four dates and i believe the next thing they will tell us is material is no longer available. I was once a victim of this same scenario just about one and half years ago, i brought a Techno phone to your office in 2013 and after several postponements i eventually had to forget the phone since you have clearly stated in your orders that phones after three months can be disposed. I have heard this same story from another colleague who claims that your office is too busy to attend to customer’s need. My suggestion is that, your company is a technology driven company and as such should have an online tracking system that allows customer’s track the status of their orders and make the neccessary follow up. this phone thing is not working and believe me you, the reason for this is that there is no reliable competitor, if there is the company will be forced to sit tight and will never be as if you are doing customers favour for services rendered. Please i will like to have a final update on my order with WO NUMBER.LF1327712. Thank you.

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      you are so right! i think the lack of competition is really encouraging the subpar services rendered by carlcare. i am yet to hear one good report about this company!

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    My tecno h5 has been at carlcare ikeja sinz jan 6 n up til nw it has nt been repaired imagine. .v been calin every 2 days telin me day r wrkin on it dat i wuld recieve a msg on wen to kum n gt d fone n vnt goten ani msg, .m seriously fed up

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    infinix zero is scrap and easily get hot, the screen is not guerilla screen rather monkey tail.

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    all dis China fones should be banned from Nigeria, dey re all sub standard fones.

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    pls i don’t know what is happening to my phone TECNO H7 i have try to put the power on but it’s not coming on and there is nothing wrong with the battery, and i don’t know what is the problem with the phone. when i had the screen problem i took it to carlcare for repair a months ago which i came back to collect it back 2 weeks ago. pls kind reply my message now in other for me to know what next to do. thanks

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    I implore u neva buy a phone being managed by carl care again . This is because they no longer repair again they only ask u to swap and that system is fraudulent. Imagine buying a phone for 35k it get faulty and they tell u that they no longer have the spare parts ,the next step is to take u to dier swap desk where they will devalue your phone of 35k to 5k then ask u to pay 35k to swap with r7 jst imagine swapping my a+ with additional 35k to get tecno r7 , its only a foolish man that will do such . As it stands none of my family members will ever purchase a phone being managed by carlcare be it tecno or infinix .the funniest part of it is that d fault of this phone is the charging port which will not take up to 1k to repair at ikeja bt because those guyz don’t have the spare parts I had no other choice than to take it to d place of poor customer service where nigerians queue and struggled with each other to be d first to be duped by carlcare. Have u been there of recent ? If no then please go feed ur eyes at carlcare opebi ikeja

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    I hv neva c a savis centa as worst than carlcare.i happily walked 2 deir office @ opebi. I presented my infinix X530 bcos it doesn’t bring network. I was told 2 com week later which i did. On getting there,i was told my phone wasn’t ready n dey gave me a number 2 b calling 2 knw if my phone was ready.Its been six weeks nw since i drop d phone n in between dis six weeks,hv been calling like twice weekly bt all dey tel me is ur phone is nt ready. So in one d call i asked y is d phọne nt ready so i cn knw wht to do bt i was told dey wil get back 2 me on two different ocassion bt did not. D latest cal i made was 2day bt d same story. As it is nw, am going 2 pick my phone 2moro n take it 2 computer village and am sure dey cn fix it. Carlcare is rubbish.

    1. SandraGee_

      basically, there are 2 branches.. I do advise you take it to the ikeja branch

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    Please my tecno m7 screen broke and i took it to carlcare for repairs(apparently before reading this reviews). I have paid and was asked to come back this week. The phone numbers i have are always busy, can anyone help me with their real phone numbers.

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    Wow. I’m never buying any brand of phone that’ll have me depending on carl care for repairs or the like. Tnx reviewnaija for this insight….*phew*

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    I dnt ave 2 much say, carlcare is jst rubbish nd thier staff re nonsense, d only thing dos girls knws hw 2 do best is 2 paint their self up. Shame on u carlcare

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    SCAM! SCAM!! SCAM!!! TECNO CARLCARE = SCAM!!!! No need explaining much after having to revisit CarlCare Number One Service Centre in Nigeria at Opebi Lagos and still the phone is yet to be fixed/issue yet to be resolved under their “warranty” what more can I say? If you are wise flee from anything CARLCARE, TECNO, INFINIX, AND ITEL! You will ost likely get screwed. If ever your phone has issues, you are on own!

    The staff pretend to be helping, but at the end, after either wasting about 6 hours there, or waiting for weeks, before revisiting, they will either return your faulty phone to you claiming it has been fixed, or they ask you to come back another day!

    1. SandraGee_

      Oh wow. I’ve been to carlcare opebi and well. They can be pretty annoying, but I think they are trying.

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    I paid to replace a techno R7 broken/bad screen, only for you guys to fit in a refurnished old screen (no accessories) after almost 2 months… your customer services are very poor and rude or indifferent to customer time and value ….that was my second time seeking your service and I know is my last time to seek your services or product(s)…
    Your guys are fraud to replacement a refurnished old screen to a new one paid for.
    Phone functions are slows in response eg typing etc…. a complete mess-up, I hate u service

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    I paid to replace a techno R7 broken/bad screen, only for you guys to fit in a refurnished old screen (no accessories) after almost 2 months… your customer services are very poor and rude or indifferent to customer time and value ….that was my second time seeking your service and I know is my last time to seek your services or product(s)…
    Your guys are fraud to replacement a refurnished old screen to a new one paid for.

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    Regret is under statement. I am dissapointed and frustrated right now

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    Hello peeps, Techno phones and Carlcare, its service agent in this country are both corporate criminals as far as i concerned.
    Please, if you are considering buying any of their phones – infinix and itel inclusive, think twice or take a visit to thier service centre and see what they do to users.I thought they have stepped up too like seriously until i fell into their trap. Policy exchange thing is d climax of their robbery.
    I bought a Techno H7 on 10th of July precisely and 2 weeks ago, the phone started hanging. i searched online for what to do and i found out about the service agent. I was so excited, rushed there and behold this crowd of life. I was asked to register the phone which i did, come back next day. I have gone like 5 times and the phone has not been fixed and the final say now there is no board for now. it sounds so funny to me and come to think of it, i gave out all the back up phones i can manage when i bought the phone. o ma seeeeeeeeee oooo

    I am really frustrated right now that i dont know what to do again other than to buy another phone( looking at samsung grand) when there is no money .

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    It has been 3 weeks since I took my Techno Phanton Pad II to Carl Care.

    The customer care lines on their service forms are forever busy and you have to travel all the way to Opebi to be told that your phone is not ready.

    The Service Condition, Waiting time, The crowd, the noise, the attitude of the Customer service staff(Although it is expected with the crowd they have to face).

    It is all very discouraging.

    I really really regret buying a Techno Product

    Furious Customer

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    I am sorry about the experience some of the reviewers above had with carlcare. Its unfortunate and I sympathise with them.

    My niece and I got a Tecno S9 Tab from one of the stores in computer village, by the time we got home the tab wont just come up. Ofcourse We tested it to make certain it was working before leaving computer village, once we were satisfied, I turned it off to ensure we saved the battery until we could charge it very well.

    On getting home, my niece tried to turn it on, but it didnt respond, thinking it might be the battery, she tried charging it but there was no indication of charging.

    We returned at once to computer village to complain to our seller, after the salespeople in the store tried helping us out unsuccessfully, the boss of the company took us to carlcare, the man empathised and apologised severally, I havent seen this happen in small companies before, by the time we got to carlcare, although i noticed that some of the guys working there were not too friendly, but I give it to them, though we were there for close to 1hour, our Tab was restored. The battery was boosted and we left there. Our case might have been an exception to their general rule, but we were thankful we left with our device within hour. So our experience was good.

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    you collected my phone for 3weeks and 12k just to repair the screen touch but unfourtunately you could not do anything rather than send me to opebi branch to go there and bring my phone before you can give me back my money. funny. thank God i got the screen touch inside computer village,it was change withing 7minutes.the meaning is simply YOU ARE NOT OUT FOR BUSINESS.

    1. Avatar

      Please where in computer village did you repair your phone? My Alpha is also having touch screen issues.

    2. Avatar

      12k ? Enough to buy a new smatphone, Is it the touch or the display they are to change.

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    you are far behind. i may not know the reasons of your coming out anyway, but if it is profit making,with the ways your staffs are doing it may be long and mirage dream.don’t forget there are potential competitors out there. i commend the lady on sit nos 5. she handle the job as if it belong to her. thank.

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    i also have same issues as the one written there. got mine from 3c Hub, but 4days later when i got opportunity to watch a movie on the phone i discover that the screen will get blur if i want to rotate it n tomorrow will make it a month since i have drop the phone at carlcare medical road.i didn’t receive any message n i have been there also. all they did was to give me excuses y d phone has not been fixed.God bear me witness this week i must get my phone

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    My niece broke my phantom A3 and I immediately took it to call care for repairs but I was told to swap the phone. Yaay me!! Swapping could only take minutes or at most hour but I was dealt a blow when I found out I was to come back the next week due to non availability of the particular phone (R7). Now it’s two weeks later and I am yet to receive a call to come pick up my phone. I called the center twice and I was told they are still expecting. So disappointed

    1. Avatar

      smh..naija though but why are we like this?

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    i recently took my phone F8 to carl center at 77 opedi, allen, Nigeria for repairs on 5th April, 2014. The background light of the phone suddenly went off and didnt work again, even though the phone seem perfectly fine.

    i was told the phone was longer produced and they claim to be waiting for spare parts to fix the phone (such contradiction; who makes spare parts for something no longer in production??).

    i was also told am not the only customer with this problem; no wonder the phone was recalled from the market.

    well i after a lengthy talk with a customer care agent that doesn’t seem too bright i was advised to wait patiently for a WHOLE MONTH with any guarantee that the phone will be replace (even if i have to add money for a new one i will oblige)

    hmmm i will wait, but after one month…..i reserve my commet

    WO: LF1126227

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    One fact is that the bulk of android phone users use the techno and infinix brand, and they deserve much more than they are getting at your office in Ikeja. Besides, there is no doubt about the income your customers bring to you, so they deserve to be treated well.

    My experience in your office at 77 Opebi road in Ikeja and with your staff twice within the last one month has indeed left a sour taste in my mouth. The level of crowd control is poor, customer relations and feedback is non-existence and the service delivery is nothing to write home about.

    Firstly, I believe your office is biting more than it can chew! You have 10 counters in your office; 2 for customer care, 4 receives phone for repair while the last 4 collects money for repair and process phone collection. So how do you expect 4 counters to attend to an average of over 1500 customers per day!? Please how? And these ladies even receive personal calls, move about at the slightest opportunity and can be very rude and annoying. You can provide shifts for them so that they can take enough time to talk to their friends, families and admirers at the other end of the phone-line! They also need to be re-trained if already trained. I doubt the latter.

    Secondly, you can reduce crowd by delegating service/phone repair rights to freelance engineers within or near purchase centres. You can also accredit them knowing that they represent you and allow them access to your original parts. This will first of all reduce the crowd in your office and give customers access to good quality repair and original parts. I’ll rather pay N6,000 to fix my phone in Maryland with an accredited engineer than pay N4,500 (N1,500 less) by coming all the way to Opebi. I’m sure you know people come from farther distances within Lagos. You obviously need more repair centres.

    Thirdly, customers have the right to know the status of their phones and hence should be given situation reports about their phones. A customer can’t leave a phone for repair after paying and only to be told when returning after two weeks that the parts for the phone is not yet available?! (In some parts of the world, people get slapped or physically abused with less.) Considering the legendary traffic and travel time in Lagos, some customers come as far as Epe, Ajah, Badagry, Mile 2 and even Ikorodu only to be told to come back! Haba!! A simple sms (bulk costs N1.50k) will suffice. You people make much more and investing a meagre N2,000 per day to give customers updates on their phone is not too much to ask.

    Having taken my time to express my frustration and opinion of myself and other customers alike, we believe that you will take tme out to re-arrange and fine-tune your organisation. We expect a better carlcare soonest.

    A Disgruntled customer

    1. Efe G

      Wow! I think we need more options in Naij so these companies can buckle up…

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    I have issues with my phatom A+ screen and i am heading there today. I seriously hope i dont get this sort of service cos i know how to cause kasala . I shall update on how it goes.

    Also can guest write reviews too? i dont mind

    1. Efe G

      Goodluck at Carlcare, Femi. Let us know your experiences! And Yes please! Send in as many reviews as you’d like…follow this link to start writing reviews right away!


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    true tho… spacious and comfy indoors,nice but some of the attendants could be somehow atimes. and the calling aspect, yep yep…. you do it yourself. the phone i repaired is still okay tho.. 🙂

    1. Avatar

      I bought an infinix note 2, X600 just a week after it was launched last year December 2015, and now the screen is showing some sort of discoloration all over. Krazzy

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