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    Decent ambiance. It’s my go to lunch place when I’m hanging with my girls.
    The food is good too. I always get the slim line chicken salad and pepper soup. I also get a mohito for as my go to beverage.
    It’s right off Adeola Odeku so location wise, it’s fine

    I hate hate HATE that weird assortment of “bread” they give with appetizers. It’s like stale pretzels. Can’t they just bake fresh bread rolls????
    Parking isn’t that great either.
    The waiters are not the best. They rarely are polite.

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    This place is amazing and the food is equally amazing . I love their wide range of food on their menu and the food is quite feeling , the price of their food is not too high but if you really want to enjoy yourself and eat well we’ll carry about 15k , yup and trust me when you see their mouth watering menu you’ll be glad you did!, the atmosphere is chic, calm and really beautiful in the night, I loved their toilets the most lol ?, but overall this is a nice place to go on a lunch date with bae or even the family, just not too keen on their customer service though!

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    Absolutely disliked this place. Ambience was awful, looked like an eatery trying to be a grown up restaurant. There was seating by the toilet, which we wound up having to be seated at. Terrible spot as we were privy to everyone using the bathrooms and the cleaner for some reason decided they needed to clean every 2 seconds. Then let’s not get in on the food. The presentation was atrocious, the meats were super salty, the chicken pepper-soup had 1 massive drumstick dumped in it, the crab and avocado salad … now that was the absolute worst thing ever. Extremely unappetizing presentation, the crab meat looked like it had been previously canned, the avocado was dumped unceremoniously at the bottom of the bowl in a whole half and when the waiter’s attention was called to this, he proceeded to pick the spoon and try to break it up to defend his position on the fact that it was chopped up. He shut up the minute the avocado stayed stoically in it’s whole position. The cherry tomatoes were spoiled and the Manager’s excuse was that they buy the tomatoes from a vendor and as such cannot be help responsible for that. The absolute pits was that my friend wound up being sick the entire weekend and wound up having to take drugs from eating the spoiled tomatoes. Never going back and would never ever recommend it.

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    Am totally in love , had a meal with my boyfriend and we visit very often C&G❤

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      What’s your favorite thing to order from here?

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    C&G looks really nice, I’m glad the prices don’t fly through the roof too!

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    For C&G – they have everything Good expect for food – which is ironic. And drinks too. I was there last week and I wasn’t impressed with the food and drinks.

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    C&G is a really nice spot in vi. I really liked the ambience, it felt like I was out of the country for a second lol.

    But I must say this, nigerians really have no idea what great customer service is; imagine this, while we were being attended to by a waiter, a manager walked up to him and said ‘see me in my office after this’. I mean this manager walked up to our waiter to deliver a message that she really didnt need to at that particular time. She could have waited till he was done with us…hereby protecting the fantastic perception I had for C&G prior to that ill-timed interruption. Messing up the flow of an otherwise perfect waiter and after which I was of the opinion that all wasn’t well back there.

    In business, perception is Key. Keep that growing and better, you are likely to succeed than fail.

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