Listed and first reviewed on: 10/27/13

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    Chris’ band r really 1drfl! I’ve got 1 but my roomie has got 3 tho.:) 9ce 1 4rm chris; cheap , lovely and portable, easy to match with any outfit, for any gathering or event.

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    I can proudly say I was one of His first customers…He checked into my room that “special” day and showed me one of the bands he had made..and I was like “This is fantastically creative” I LOVED IT!..and as expected,I ordered mine immediately with the name “sleek” on it..since then I have watched his “creativity” spread like wildfire..everybody rocking it..He also has made some improvements on his products over the time but once in a while he overkills it……I had recommended him to others on various occasions and I am recommending hin now…GBAM!

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    Nice. I’ve seen this service at ozone. It was more expensive . I will add Chris up and order

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