Listed and first reviewed on: 03/01/17

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    I had the pacakes with eggs and it was quite nice & affordable. Parking was very hectic; i had to circle around before finally parking a bit far away. Only drawback is that the food took about 50 mins before it was served.

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    I went there for the first time on Sunday. I tried the Philly cheesesteak and it was actually very nice. Even told them to make it spicy which they did. My husband had the T-bone steak and although he didn’t think it was fantastic, he said it’s the best he’s had in Nigeria (he’s only Had steak at two other restaurants and we aren’t exactly great at steak in Nigeria). The price was decent – both our meals cost about N9k. The ambience wasn’t bad. Felt like a pub in the UK. Food was served promptly and the service was okay. Only issue was the chapman – wasn’t nice and had a very bitter taste and there was no alcohol in it so couldn’t understand. However, I’d be returning to try other meals!

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