Listed and first reviewed on: 10/20/14

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    Yes!! I would be brief but I think the Garden area makes a good serenity and calm for the boutique hotel. Yup!! Amazing that a place gives you as much home away from home vaction luxury experience, fine dining, bar, spa, events, library, accomodation…Some retouching need to be done but in all for some of the room accomodation though, the staffs are welcoming especially the lady at the Spa. I am a big fan of one of thier menu, ”The Schechwan Pasta with Chicken”…really tasty, so food for me is good there. Its really coded as it has no name outside but the idea of privacy is nice, the only big problem i can advise them ton really work on is Parking especially when they have large events in their event hall.

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    What a Beautiful place.I’m a therapist in Elion House Hotel, I would love to work with you,

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    Pretty impressed that the business development manager commented on this post. I’ve done a number of restaurant reviews on my blog yet none of the managers ever acknowledge the effort put in. Kudos to clear essence. I went there sometime last year for an event organized by Fidelity Bank. The buffet had a very nice spread and I remember the pancakes/crepes and ice cream were delicious. I took some style pictures in the garden and they came out really nicely. Link below 🙂

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    Thanks For all comments .

    Bruce Varghese
    Business Development Manager
    Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort

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    Hello RN readers,

    I was pleasantly surprised when I realized we were having dinner at Clear Essence, I loved the fact that it was so calm and the food was very nice. The cocktails too are good.

    I have been to the spa so many times and I had no clue we could do drinks and eat there too. It is a coded place and I shall be returning there.

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    Clear Essence!!! I’d heard alot about it – basically heard it’s an amazing relaxation spot – the spa was supposedly awesome but “high end” so I never bothered to visit… Eventually did as it was my cousin’s wife’s bridal shower. I was completely blown away by the ambiance – extremely classy and tasteful. I wasn’t at the spa – only visited the bar and restaurant but I actually felt relaxed! Food wasn’t bad but I’m generally a foodie so I had a few rounds. I also had the cosmopolitan cocktail which was great. It was a good evening, with good people! I didn’t get a chance to look around but definitely plan to go back … Probably give myself a treat during the Christmas holidays… If I do, I’d come back for a review on the spa treatment 😉

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