Listed and first reviewed on: 12/08/16

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    So I went out with my friend to cocoon. We wanted to just have drinks and it was pretty late. I honestly couldn’t think of any other place.
    Anyways. It was raining and the security men helped us get in with their umbrellas.
    The ambiance is okay. Nothing spec. I was pretty skeptical about the choice of waitresses and their clothing. But anywho.
    I got the pina colada. And he had the mojito which he liked but felt it wasn’t strong enough. I was indifferent about my pina collada as well. We eventually got shots. We paid via POS. In my opinion it was just okay. Might visit on a Friday night to see more.

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    The Cocoon Ikoyi is truly a splendid place to spend an evening. Nice ambience. One of the best spots that Lagos has to offer.

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    I love COCOON!!! I mean perfect evening scene. I would definitely go there again, looking for a place to chill head to COCOON right away…….

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