Listed and first reviewed on: 08/06/12

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    Cookie Jar is a maker of gourmet cookies and cakes in Lagos, Nigeria. The company first caught my eyes at a huge Lagos wedding where the confections were on display. The mini-cupcakes were so beautifully decorated that I thought the couple had flown in a foreign baker to make their desserts. Further inquiry led me to discover the gourmet cookie making company. Not long after this wedding, I stalked the company on Instagram (@iamcookiejar) where there were amazing photos of the cookie-cakes and more. There is such a wide range of confections from cookie pops (literally) to cupcake to full-on cakes of various assortments and flavors.

    The only bad thing I would say about them is that they are not easily accessible. They formerly stocked at Cafe Vanessa in VI but they no longer do probably because they lose their freshness after a while. You can place orders online though so that’s not so bad.

    Honestly, this is a wonderful company. Do check it out.

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