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    THE BABCOCK UNIVERSITY undergraduate admission 2015/16 session is currebtly ongoing now.the post utme exams has been written and exams held.the FIRST BATCH admission list has been released.for more information and admission status checker,call admission office on-08159366910.
    NOTE:THE BATCH B admission list is currently being compiled and processed now.for more information and admission help,call-08159366910

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    • Covenant University Call 08140793849 for 2015/2016 Admission into any university is currently going on.

    Are you sitting for the Jamb CBT (Computer Base Test) examination, you are writing this exams for the first time and you want to score up to 250 and above that will suit to any of the universities cut off mark you are seeking for admission into, here are chance for you to make your jamb for the first attempt and score up to 250 and above you are to contact Mr.David for score upgrading call 08140793849 for your Jamb result upgrading.

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    I'm not an alumni of Covenant University and happily so. Students and alumnis of the school might be happy with the rules so I apologize to anyone I might offend.
    I feel like university are supposed to be the years of exposure for young people, where they live and learn. The confined environments along with the rules of no mobile phones or certain dress codes makes it seem like a control environment and a school of forced culture. Let the students be free.

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    While I am a proud alumnus, I do not miss the school one bit, unfortunately! However, if I were to do it all over again i.e. choose a university in Nigeria, it would probably be Covenant. Obviously, if you have the resources and meet the requirements, you should totally study abroad!

    The pros: 1) serene environment – unlike most Nigerian universities, you would not be worried about cultism, strikes, etc. 2) good facilities – laboratories, library, sports, etc. 3) affordable tuition 4) good quality of education 5) employers tend to recruit CU graduates. They also hold a career fair where top companies participate. 6) They have the best praise & worship sessions at the chapel 

    The cons: 1) the rules!! Trust me, these would drive you nuts. No jeans, no phones, you have to be in your room at 9pm, no pairing – this is when boys and girls interact after class (this rule may be phased out), if you are in a relationship you would be advised to register it with the school or something ridiculous, you can’t leave the school premises without about 2/3 approvals, no alcohol, no ‘secular’ music – basically if you like the Beyonce or Jay-Z, CU is not for you. Then if you like Lady Gaga, ah!! Guaranteed expulsion. I could go on but I probably would never finish. 2) there is really no social life.. the closest you get is some church program (don’t get me wrong, these could be interesting). I definitely had more fun in my high school.

    Basically, it’s a good university. I would recommend it if you’re all about Christianity and the books or you’re looking to get a good education in Nigeria, devoid of all the strikes, cults, madness, etc. However, if you’re looking for an exciting and memorable university experience, CU is probably not for you.

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