Listed and first reviewed on: 02/21/16

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    The food here is so delicious! I had the chicken roulade with the coconut saffron rice. This dish comes with a lot of sauce, so if that is not something you like, ask for less or simply choose something else. I actually love saucy, creamy food. It was perfect! Orange juice was refreshing and but the pina colada was a tad watery-perhaps there was too much ice. The portion sizes are big and you probably will need to pack your food home if you want dessert. Had a waffle for dessert. I really liked how the menu was presented. Everything was clear and sectioned well. If I wanted seafood, chicken, or a sandwich, I knew exactly which section to look. I also really appreciated how the dessert came with all the topping on the side. My friend got the crepe and her toppings were on the side as well. It allowed us to dress it up or down as much as we wanted. Literally could not move after having Sunday lunch here. So full and satisfied.

    The main reason I gave it 4 stars was the wait…..They told us 15 minutes for our food and we actually waited 45 minutes. Trust me I am not an exaggerator. Luckily the people I was with were able to pass the time with good conversation. When we made a small fuss, a manager attended to us quickly, checking on our food. I was eating in the next 5 minutes after this. Not sure what that was about. Would have given 5 stars if not for that.

    The atmosphere was amazing. Clean, vibrant, and bright. Comfy chairs to sit in and seating available next to the window. It appeared to be a great place to have a business lunch or even a Sunday brunch.

    Wish I could have gotten something from the bakery. They have so many options! It was so tempting, but as I mentioned before I almost could not move after my meal. Definitely recommend getting the chicken adobo and strawberry daiquiri. My friend and her boyfriend enjoyed it very much. Favorite restaurant of mine in Lagos!

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    I absolutely loved the calamari sury. it’s the reason I keep going back. Yeah the service is a bit slow and it can be better . I like the space and the food I will give an 8 out of 10. I will recommend it for hangouts. The outdoor space is nice at night as well and indoor is big enough to accommodate a large party. Not a bad place overall.

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    I’ve been there once, it’s on a nice and quiet street in Victoria Island. Away from the usual hustle and bustle. My food was 8/10, service was slow but I was with a large group. I would recommend the restaurant, especially for large groups as the place is sectioned in such a way that even groups of 10 or more can have a section.

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    The food here is really good! I’ve been there twice and I loved it both times. The first time I went with my family, it was about 12 of us so it took a little while for the food to come out (which was probably the server’s fault, he seemed slow). But the second time around they were pretty quick. It was 4 of us and the food was out in about 15 minutes if not less.
    They need to fire the person at the bar though, he can’t make simple chapman!

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    My food was fantastic. Yea they wasted time but everything came out well, so it was worth the wait. I will definitely go back.

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    I absolutely loved my visit to C&C, I even wrote a review on my blog, but that was last year. I would hate to think they have gotten worse. Their Buffalp wings are still the bèst and I think their Pasta meals are great. I hope to go there again but after this review ild probably stick to menu items im sure of and hope the customer service is still as good as I remember.

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    Big Menu, Nice Ambiance, Polite Staff and great space to dine for a large group.

    However, the food took time to come out and didnt give me the ‘wow’ factor; my mojito wasn’t good enough for me to be like ‘oh i’ll come back for this’.

    I’d rate this spot a 7/10 and if the dish i had was wayyyy better than i expected, then it would be a solid 10.

    Great review btw….wehdone!

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    I’ve been to Crust and Cream on two different occasions. The first time we were a large group and the service was pretty good. I also really liked what I ordered, I think it was the Singapore noodles… The appetizers were also really good. The beef quesadillas rock! The second time I went we were a much smaller group and the service and food was excellent. The second time around I got the Mongolian Beef and really enjoyed it. The manager came to our table a few times to make sure we were ok with everything and treated us to complimentary mini fruit tarts?

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    I have been there a couple of times and frankly, it isn’t a top of mind spot to visit.

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    This review is so comprehensive. It covers all the bases. My experience was good sha because I’ve been a return customer. Like most places, there are some menu items you simply avoid and some you stick to so maybe no more curry prawn for you. The major point C & C can improve upon is their speed! The orders take forever and a half to come out.

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    Hmm… Been here twice. First time was with a few friends, had their pasta which was nice. Service was quite fast too. On this day I would’ve given them an 8.5/10. My second time (the next day) my milkshake order came after my food (45mins later) and didn’t taste great. My ribs were wayyyyyy too fatty so ended up with a quarter of it after I cut the fatty bits out but tasted nice. On this day, it was a 6/10. Ambience is nice and price is above average. Basically, service standard is not consistent, I will probably visit again but if the service is crap then it would be my last time.

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