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    Deprince supermarket is simply the best supermarket ever in the history of gbagada you can to it to the bank folks is the best,most important thing u have to look at to is the security as part we have give kudos to deprince supermarket on that and the other is the way staff treat customers oh my God they just awesome managers on point u as will take that to bank believe me .for get about the price,I would recommend their service to anyone far and beyond

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    Well, I was at deprince(berger) I can’t find their page here so I hope you can deliver the message. I think with their recent expansion came a mighty obnoxious, unappealling service. I have been there twice since they moved to this new place which is fine and all but the staff are more horrible and they’ve discouraged me from going there for my usual saturday shopping! Sure! I AM PISSED AT THEIR SERVICE!!!I got there after a long walk to be met by the gate guy with a silly way of addressing people. I ignored, went ahead to select items and proceeded to pay only to be met by the most nonchalant, non-customer centric cashier…I simply walked out! There is only so much one can bear especially when tired.

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    Dr Prince is a relatively awesome shopping centre. But they seem to never have the Hugo Boss cologne I keep on going back there for. I pray they get it in stock before I return there this Saturday. Otherwise, they have to give me a free cologne for consistently breaking my heart.

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    De prince is the best supermarket around Gbagada. Their price might be up sometimes or normal, but i can say they treat their customers nice and well.

  5. Efe G

    These names though.. De Prince, Ebeanno, but why?

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