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    For me I have always known that DealDey doesn’t do deep investigation to ensure single goods and items are of quality product value but I still like the fact that it offers you a platform to see various services and offers at once that are useful in our daily living and affordable discounted prices
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    I just had my own bad experience with them.

    They have the below message displayed on their site

    “We always work hard to ensure we provide you with the best deals from the best merchants, that’s why we have the DealDey Pledge. If you buy a DealDey coupon, we’ll work with the merchant to ensure you have a good experience.”

    Can you believe that I purchased 2 items, a wrist watch and a laptop bag, on the same day, believing that their service was good.

    By the time they delivered the wrist watch was wrapped in a brown carton and taped with brown tape, no case or manual

    Then there were particles within the glass frame, as though it was open for dust to enter.

    When they delivered the bag, it was totally different from what was on their website.

    I called customer support and it was sorry they could say and I should send the bag back to the merchant by myself and the merchant is in Port Harcourt.

    So what service are they giving?

    They don’t review the products merchants send and they don’t play the role of intermediary but rather tell you to deal with the merchant yourself.

    I would advice not to buy anything from them or you make the decision of buy at your own risk

    1. SandraGee_

      I sincerely understand what you are saying! I NEVER buy items from them. I only get discounted services. Food, resturants, hair, spa etc that’s all. I dont trust the products.

      -Sandra RN.

    2. Kome G

      Wow! This is rather unfortunate. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Happy New Year Everyone, May All your dreams and plans for 2015 come to pass Amen. I guess most people know, that was where i purchased the juicer.

    I ordered a Nestwell Fruit and Vegetable juicer sold by Afrizon Marketing (No contact to reach them was displayed on the website, but you can always buzz Dealdey and they would help) for N2999. I picked it up on the 29th of December at the Dealdey office on Awolowo way beside the EFCC office in Ikoyi. It has a very small signpost which you will not notice. They weren’t so much people there so the process was quite fast. I was excited about my juicer and stopped by the small market in my estate to get fruits. I ended up buying a small pineapple which cost me N100 and 5 oranges for N100 also.

    I opened the juicer, washed it and assembled it. Assembling it was really easy because I followed the instructions.

    I diced my fruits and got to work. It started of easy then I got tired of rolling the handle (its manual and not automatic). It started leaking at a point and I was quite disappointed. I started using my right hand to roll the handle and it stopped leaking. (I’m left handed so I do must things anti clockwise)

    When the juice is squeezed, the chaff goes into a cup that is attached to the juicer. I tasted the chaff and trust me I was so shocked that this little juicer squeezed the water out of the fruit real good.

    I am really impressed about it and i’m giving it 9/10. I also tried it with apples but it was tiring rolling the handle. (Apples are hard). We will stick to using Mummy’s automatic juicer for apples, cucumbers and carrots.

    Cheers to a wonderful 2015!

    Who else has bought something from Share your experience with the house.

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    I’d tried to get a ticket to a show off dealdey and wasn’t able to verify my bank details. I also was unable to reach a dealdey rep. I ended up paying full-price to see the show as I couldn’t complete my dealdey transaction. I think they have good deals, but I don’t think they are as good about picking up their calls and responding to customer issues/complaints…

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