Listed and first reviewed on: 05/16/13

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    I ordered using the phone number above and I got a pizza house pizza which tasted yuck !

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    I ordered triple decker pizza from debonair st Ikeja city mall. We were disappointed to know that we could only order chicken or beef. 31/2 hours later my kids and I are still waiting. They have refused to pick my calls. We live at omole, 10mins from Alausa. I will never order from them again.

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    I think its an honest review.
    I see myself ordering for debonairs very soon.

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    Balanced and well structured

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    Loving the review… Nice story too… Spoke ur mind nd didn't oversell

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    This is an awesome review. Very original.
    Like a story.
    I should get debonairs soon . This has gingered me

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