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    The worst courier services I’ve ever used! No notifications on ur parcel history. You have to keep calling to confirm the arrival of ur parcel.
    I was to receive a parcel at iyana ipaja Lagos. Went there twice n met the absence of the person in charge, on the third visit I was told the parcel was at Jibowu. the so called representative told me he can’t ask the person to start coming over to iyana ipaja that early and if I like I should head to jibowu to pick it up! (after paying for iyana ipaja o) .Angrily I headed to Jibowu. Exactly at Jibowu bustop I received a call asking me to come back to Iyana ipaja that the parcel just arrived there! How irresponsible!
    This will be my first and last!
    Don’t bother trying!

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    Oh nice!! I’ve missed eating starch and have been wondering how to get my aunt to send me fresh starch from warri…….DLC to the rescue I hope.. Plus I’ll be sure to tell my aunt to send one of my pretty cousins to go send it down ;). Glad to see smaller couriers giving the big fishes a run for their money. Nothing like some healthy competition to improve quality of service. Nice review Sandra Gee.

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