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    Not impressed this time (Ikeja GRA). Not the creamy yummy I look forward to every Friday evenings. Ordered for baileys n coffee with brownie n chocolate chips (my usual) it tasted so different. D “brownie” was like spoilt chaff, even after mixing it in, it was not together n tasted horrible. Please maintain d Coldstone standard so I can continue my Friday evening treat.

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    Update as of May 2014
    Park inside the lane to the right of Coldstone or further inside in parking lot of the hotel that is behind Coldstone.

    Pizza was great( hand kneaded thick base)….I suppose It tastes great because a very pretty lady slices into wedges and does the packaging.

    Icecream varies from Nice to Great ( depends on how adventurous you get and experiment with different choices)
    and watching Rafael prepare one with his juggling act is a treat in itself.

    prices were extremely reasonable at both places, Sandra

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    depends on what part of vi you are in. If u are somewhere close to Sara tinubu I think 10km, they would deliver free.

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    Hello, thanks for sharing this. Please, I’d’d like to know how much you paid for delivery at Saka Tinubu store because delivery is free in all Domino’s stores. Thank you.

  5. SandraGee_

    You didnt write how much the pizza costs

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