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    Before i shop online,
    I look for value, quality, easy navigation, shipping rate, and customer support and currently has all this amazing factors.

    You can’t believe it, I got my package delivered to me in Abuja for N980. It’s totally unbelievable how a shipping rate can be so affordable in Nigeria!

    The customer rep kept calling and assuring that I would get my order in less than 3days. In my mind I was like ‘it’s a lie jare, that’s how they always say’ but lo and behold it was only two days, people!!! Two freaking days!!! I got my package in Abuja.

    See, these people have bought my loyalty oh! I ain’t going no where! for life. Even a 10/10 is too small. I rate them a 200%.

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    ??Review naija you are doing a wonderful job. I love the purpose of your platform.

    It was my birthday on the 17th of June and I received a lovely suprise from a wife.

    I was expecting the usual cake, my best delicacy and a shirt or tie but this time she suprised me.

    She sent a beautiful watch + my favourite perfume (no name cos she might read it) to the office. When I received the package I thought she had done her usual online shopping and then have me pay so I was expectant of a bill only for me to hear…” Sir this package is for you Happy birthday to you from your beautiful wife and”

    I turned red and leaped for joy.Days later I visited the site but they had no flowers or cakes but they agreed to plan the suprise with my wife and when I asked her she said at no extra cost.

    Keep up the good work and thank you team 100%

    1. SandraGee_

      Thank you so much. Thanks for the feedback as well.

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    I read your review few days ago and I wanted to confirm cos of the ‘naija factor’ and I love every bit of the time and money spent. Since you recommended shopping from the premium section I did?I bought the prada perfumes and a beautiful box bag I’m soooooo in love it.

    The good news is there is an ongoing sales + 5%-20% discount code promo.
    For me it’s a 10/10

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