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    I have had a very good experience at Duro Soleye Hospital .
    My friend had fever with abdominal pain and went to a nearby hospital where she was treated, but she discharged herself as she did not like the way she was handled there. She came home and because she was still unwell, She called me ( I am a healthcare personnel)
    She explained her symptoms and she showed me her drugs which i said were o.k and to continue the drugs as prescribed.
    An hour later, i received a frantic call from her and when i went to see her, she was vomiting uncontrollably and in abdominal pains. So we got her into the car and headed her to this hospital.
    The Hospital security staff opened the gate when they saw her vomiting into a nylon bag and ushered us to the emergency unit.
    She was immediately taken to see the consultant despite the fact that there were other people waiting at the OPD and he was able to diagnose her condition accurately.
    He told us she had a peptic ulcer and one of her drugs caused irritation of her stomach which triggered her symptoms .
    My friend admitted she had Peptic ulcer in the past but she had stopped having symptoms several years ago.
    She was admitted and placed on IV fluids and IV drugs. Her symptoms stopped and she was discharged home the following day.
    I credited the Consultant Physician for prompt accurate diagnosis and the hospital staff for the way my friend was handled.

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    Reading through the comments above, it is evident that everything is wrong with that hospital. Asides staff turnover and negligence, their attitude towards patients is so terrible, I wonder if I am actually in a hospital at all. Met with one of their doctors today who, after repeatedly arguing because she didn’t know what she was meant to do, was so rude, not that it is surprising but appalling. I looked at her with pity. They never smile, like patient to them is adding to their problems. This is evidence from their receptionist to their Doctors( I don’t call them doctors anyway).
    There are many good hospitals in this country so I rather use the services of those instead of one as worse as Duro Soleye Hospital.

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    A Grieving Mother { Mrs Stella Offor BAKARE} Is crying For Justice For Her Deceased Child.
    Here is Her Account of what actually transpired:

    Tobi, my only child (a male, good-natured 14-year-old) was admitted into Duro Soleye Hospital, Allen Avenue, Lagos State on the morning of Saturday, 10 June 2017. He died on the morning of Tuesday, 13 June 2017 due to the negligence of Doctors Korede and Awe , who were on duty and their employers, Duro Soleye Hospital.

    What happened:

    1. When Tobi was admitted, the hospital, surprisingly, had no wheel chair to take him to his ward. The nurse on duty put him on my back to get to the ward.

    2. Duro Soleye Hospital placed Tobi on oxygen on Sunday, 11 June 2017. The oxygen cylinder was plastered and obviously not in good condition (see attached pictures). This had me worried, but I was more concerned about my son’s survival.

    3. Tobi had a CT scan at Echoscan on Monday, 12 June 2017. Duro Soleye had no functional ambulance to take us to Echoscan for the test, we had to pay N5,000 for the laboratory to bring their ambulance to pick Tobi up.

    4. I repeatedly had to call the attention of the nurse or doctor on duty to attend to Tobi, to replace the drip, or to carry out their lawful duties. The nurses on night duty were never prompt or responsive, always complaining and reluctant to do their work. Throughout our stay in the hospital, the bed sheets were never changed. The floor was also cleaned with only water, instead of disinfectant.

    5. We got the CT scan results at about 5pm. The doctors [OE2] on duty saw the results and had no clue how to proceed with the treatments. This was clear evidence of the doctors manifesting clear incompetence in the assessment of Tobi. At that point, I began to panic but could not take him to another hospital because he was already on oxygen. The doctors on duty tried in vain to get directions from the Medical Director, Dr. Odunowo, but could not reach him till about 11pm.

    6. In the evening of that same day (i.e., Monday, 12 June 2017), I asked the lady doctor on night duty (Dr Korede) and the nurses to change to another oxygen cylinder to avoid midnight exhaustion. I did this, because their practice was to sleep throughout the night. Regardless of my lawful directive as a paying client and mother of the patient, they refused to change it, insisting that there was still a little oxygen left.

    7. The oxygen got exhausted while the doctors and nurses were sound asleep. The doctors and nurses had even forgotten to do the routine ward rounds and could not categorically say when the oxygen got exhausted! The doctors and nurses on duty failed to attend promptly to Tobi, even though he required urgent medical attention.

    8. Due to my diligence as a mother, I discovered that the oxygen was exhausted, I called the doctor and nurses to change to another cylinder. None of them knew how to fix the new cylinder, they were arguing among themselves whether it was ‘rubber type’ or ‘plier type’! They subsequently called an elderly man, hospital driver, from downstairs[ who fiddled and fiddled with it and seemingly “fixed” it. Prior to my discovery, the doctor and nurses failed to change the oxygen cylinder, a task which should have been done under any circumstance for the good of Tobi.

    9. The doctor (Dr Korede), nurses and the elderly man then left the ward and the doctor switched off the light saying light can damage his eyes. This heightened my fear; after some minutes I switched on the light and called out to the doctor, who came and declared Tobi dead. It turned out that no oxygen passed from the cylinder to Tobi!

    10. Also, mucus in his mouth was not sucked all through the night. Tobi was unlawfully deprived of his right to life by the actions and inactions of the medical personnel on duty. He died a horrific and painful death with plenty choking mucus (picture attached), which the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Odunowo, saw himself.

    I informed the Medical Director of this development when he resumed for duty on Tuesday, 13 June 2017. I also wrote a formal letter (copy attached) to the hospital, which they refused to acknowledge. I gave the hospital my phone number.

    I want justice for my son, whose life, dreams and aspirations were illegally cut short. One of his dreams was to study Medicine in the university, so he could help save lives. Unfortunately, the same institution he looked forward to being a part of, woefully failed him. Doctors owe their patients a duty of care and must never be negligent in their duties.

    Yours’ sincerely,

    Stella Offor BAKARE

    Copied with permission –

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    Unfortunately Duro Sholeye has not changed!

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    I had the same experience this night..just imagine 1 year later still no improvement on the approach to health care delivery.
    I was in pain and after consultation with the doctor, it took more than 20mins for the lab attendant to descend from wherever she was..after samples have been taken and test results were going to take longer hours to be out, I pleaded that I need medicine or something to make me better because I was too weak to return without any. .the nurse was comfortably siting down and watching television (Indian series ) and she just said go and look for the doctor *since when did patients start entering in and out of the doctors office with no direction* after complaining to the doctor , with the pain i just walked out of the hospital and no one could stop or help me. NO HUMAN FEELINGS..thanks a lot for this act of unkindness. .would be sure to change my hospital.

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    i am sorry about what happened to Raymond. i just want to explain some things here. For severe dehydrated child, the route of fluid delivery is IV not oral. it is standard care. And for babies that young, getting a vein is usually trial and error especially in severe dehydration because the veins would have collapsed. then, if a child is on ORS and vomits, you don’t stop giving him especially since an IV access couldn’t be established, you give him slowly. finally, that no emergencies occurred the night before doesn’t mean the doctor slept. he still had to take care of the inpatients and stay awake which is still as draining as doing something all night.
    but i do understand your pain and no one should be treated callously. so on behalf of my colleagues, i apologize. But, doctors are humans too. just the same you wouldn’t want to be overworked is the same way it is difficult to keep your cool when you are tired.

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      I agree with you that doctors are human and can be tired but when it becomes a habit, then it’s a big problem. This is my 5th year as a patient in DURO soleye and I can tell you that everything is wrong. From management to staff, Only few are dedicated.

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