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    just had a bottle from earthblend and immediately liked what we ordered. For this flu season, the ginger helped quite a bit….

    My only qualms was the service. I suffer from mild acne from time to time and today while contemplating on what to order…the lady took it upon herself to highlight my face and said ‘you should get this ‘order’ since you have acne’ something along those lines sha….i was taken aback and immediately thought to myself…how forward.

    Anyway, she went on to prepare our order whilst the sink was filled up with dirty water and to crown it all…she wore no gloves.

    Beside my personal experience, i think theres a place for earthblend in nigeria and i am excited to see this business grow.

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    I love their juices! I just paid 4100 for 3 juices and delivery…in this economy. Doesn’t that show that I like it? This time sef I didn’t have cash to pay on delivery (they don’t do POS on delivery yet) and the guy remembered me and gave me an account number to send the money to. A+ customer service plus delicious juices = happy customer (aka me) who will continue to patronize this business.

  3. Kome G
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    Sugarcane, Lemon and Ginger juice is called Perfect Match. Per your recommendation, I tried it and LOVED IT! At first I was like ‘hmm the ginger is too dominant”…issalie! I finished the bottle in no time lol. Yummy! Plus, I had it delivered somewhere in Lekki for 500 naira. The juice itself cost 1200. The only thing though is that I’d like if they are able to say how many calories are in each of these juices.


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