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    I work…I own my own business in fact which is doing very well and 5k from ikeji to ya a is a big no no. Kilo de? Lailai no way.

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    Mehn dats really a lot for dat distance, I would have trecked it and save ma money *winks*

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    I have used Easy Taxi a number of times. You can actually bargain the price with the cab driver. Let me explain how Easy Taxi works. The Cab drivers are independent of Easy Taxi, they work for themselves or a cab company. Easy Taxi is just an avenue with which they get passengers from. Whenever they get a passenger through Easy Taxi, they pay a fee to Easy Taxi. So next time, feel free to beat the price down. They might not be as cheap as the run down yellow taxi you hail on the street though, as the taxis allowed to be on the Easy Taxi program are decent looking taxis with air-conditioning.

    1. SandraGee_

      thank you for explaining better.. but I will still not use them again though.

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    I have tried easy taxi .. But they don’t go to festac soo I didn’t end up using their service ..

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    5000 naira cab from ikeja to yaba. Loool.

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    LOL! I can imagine paying 5000 for a taxi ride. No ma’am!

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