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    It’s really unfortunate. Hope the situation has changed. It is too cheap to die especially in Nigeria. Unfortunately, when one or two die in such manner, it hardly attracts the attention of the government at all levels. One or two out of about 160 million? Treated as a loss to the deceased immediate family. I pray to see a better Nigeria. I wish the prayer is answered in our generation. To the deceased, your case is closed, to the living prepare for eternity with God through faith in Christ Jesus.

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    Wow. May the soul of your friend rest in peace.

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    Maya d soul of all da had departed rest in perfect peace…..amen

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    A schoolmate died thr too early this year. Her body was later found @ d shore. There should be lifeguards there if an ordinary swimming pool could have a lifeguard how much more a crowded beach like Elegushi I was there yesterday but I was careful enough to stay at the edge of d water u know God saved you ur phone fell into the water n u had 2 go sit far away from the water. Another thing is if u can’t swim don’t go too close to the waves the water touching just ur feet is enough n watch the people swimming in it and enjoy the music. May ur friend keep Resting in peace.

    1. SandraGee_

      awwwn, may the soul of your friend rest in peace, sometimes i keep telling myself it could have been me

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    awwwn. may she RIP. i dont go to the beach in Nigeria . always so scared.

  6. Greatness

    People don’t be surprised.

    Let me tell you what is happening at Elegushi: It is human sacrifice. Plain and simple. Imagine what that idiot said, “Ah! Your friend don go”. Nigeria is highly diabolical, full of black magic and river worshippers. Many occultic powers worship Gods like Yemoja in Yoruba land. Lekki-Epe used to be a village.

    Human sacrifice is the highest form to attain power especially in Politics. You guys went into the devil’s tabernacle without being armoured. I am fortunate and I thank God I know about these things.

    Some may doubt my comment but that’s fine. If you think about it, the solution to Nigeria is so easy and evident. Okay lets leave Nigeria, the solution to Elegushi is to just get lifeguards! There are many Expert Ijaw divers who go into the sea to pack sand everyday, pay them 500 naira a day and they will be happy to do the job. But they won’t do this because everything is intentional.

    There are spiritual forces of darkness holding Nigeria, especially in Politics.

    All I can say is that deep calleth unto deep (Psalm 42:7). You can’t fight something you can’t see.

    May the soul of your friend rest in perfect peace and in Gods bosom. Amen!

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    OMG! I wasn’t expecting your review to include a drowning! I thought it would just be the usual “it’s too dirty, loud and crowded.”

    May your friend RIP.

    And it’s just occurring to me that I’ve never seen lifeguards at any beach in Nigeria. What would it take to grab someone and pay him a salary to watch out for people in the water? All the thousands of naira being collected at the entrance in a day can pay for 2-3 lifeguards a month!

    What about installing safety signs/flags in areas that “12 people have drowned in?!?!?” It should be easy to designate safety areas where it’s okay to swim.

    This is just terrible 🙁

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    elegushi!!!! i heard the story too, its good to know the true story. we need signs to warn the general public about strong waves. RIP

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    This news went viral, i am happy that someone came out to speak and say the truth. i actually thought she died of excess alcohol, well, beaches in Nigeria should put up signs. Especially elegushi, people go there a lot. May her soul rest in peace and please, something shuld be done asap!!!

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    My friend died there too. A unilag student. last year

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    I ve been der once…never went close to d water side tho… And exactly! Y re u going to a beach when u can’t even feel d water @ least with ur feet.I heard of pple dying @ elegushi and its a sad tin really

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