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    Their call centre numbers have been down for past 72 hours. Unable to call 200 or the full 08090000200. Even the webchat has been down. Their myzone site is also down.

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    Worst network ever, how could your stupid customer service agent cut the phone on me when I needed him to resolve an issue for me ASAP but since he couldn’t he decided to hang-up. can you imagine that? if he knows he doesn’t know how to do his job then he should leave, my line was barred 4 times and I did has instructed, I have a sum of N400 airtime on it which I can’t use.
    Firstly, I registered the line, bought airtime of 200 naira, then called 200 to activate and I was told my line has been registered, so I tried calling someone and was told my line has been barred can you imagine the rubbish do you know how much I have spent on registration and I need this line for work!!!!! Someone recommended your network because he said ” Etisalat is good, if you need the line for business” But No you are terrible. And send your customer service agent on training, they lack courtesy.

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    Hello All,
    My first time here and must say i am delighted to have finally found a blog that talks on customer service in Nigeria. Having said that, although i have faced a couple of rough patches with Etisalat customer service both, on the phone and in person at their experience centres. This i belief is largely because most of the customer service reps we speak to know very little or nothing about the product they are selling.Most times when i call in for a problem they never seem to give me a direct answer, they always ask me to hold on while they confirm or their systems are down so i should call back.
    In all the service providers though, having used all their services in the past, i still will recommend Etisalat to any other brand.


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      Thanks KDavid!! I would have to agree with you on that though…I think Etisalat is the lesser of all evils!

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    Dear etisalat reprisentative,my name is olarinde mujeeb adeola,i want to introduce my self to ur complany,because i knw how to advitise etisalat because it is the one that me and my family that am used

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    I don’t know that yetif they will charge more on call.maybe you are right.Iwill tell you my story.Last December 2013,My son received a message from Etisalat to join their offer.The offer is Internet.They said you can have internet by etisalat for paying only 74.25 LE(egyptian money)every year.Ofcourse unbelievable,I don’t want to believe What I heard to my son,He is talking to the man to our phone house.So to prove that is right,I talked also to him I don’t know him I don;t know his name.But I want to clear everything if he is saying the truth.I asked him twice If I will pay for year or for month.He said yearly 74.25 LE.And then I said also in arabic and he said yes.Then we made a deal.That day is december 7,2013.He said he will send the router after 2 to 3 days and we have to pay 99.00 LE but we paid 100.00LE ofcourse.That day is december 14, 2013.We started to have internet after one week.So everything is okey.Now today we received message from etisalat that we have to pay the net on feb 05,2014.What is that???I do not understand.So,I talked to another man in the office(not the man before)he said “do not have offer like that”.OMG,what is that nightmare!He said we should pay every month.I said to him we have internet before and we are paying 30.00LE a month.We cut it and we joined with them because of their offer.Now I realized that everything is just a corruption.The have good M’odus oper’andi.They are Sly.My goodness I am ashamed to my two friends that I offered them to join too.Now I will tell them to stop using Etisalat SIM card.Etisalat is not good ,Now we hated them.”CARMA”is coming to them.

    1. Efe G

      Interesting to hear a different perspective of Etisalat (considering this is Egypt Etisalat)..striking that the complaints are somewhat similar with those coming from Etisalat Nigeria…

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    They are such a mess when it comes to auto renewal of data plans. They do auto renewal when you never opted for it. I got 10K recharge card with the hope of loading it to subscribe for 10G but at the load of 8k, they deducted the 8k and subscribed me for 6G. I called the customer care but they couldn’t do nothing about it. The customer care representative even talked to me rudely. Ummm the internet is fast though but they charge too much on it. It’s really expensive to deal with etisalat

    1. Efe G

      @LAkeside you’re right! I had a pretty similar experience (my own case was human error though, so it was my fault). However, their customer service people over the phone are pretty inadequate when it comes to data plans and reversing issues. Makes me wonder if they aren’r trained or if ETISALAT doesn’t have that capability…

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    I love this network.their internet access is the fastest but with 1 problem.which is,they charge more on calls

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    I got an Etisalat sim today and decided to get some credit. My sister was kind enough and used her Zenith bank eaZy money ( account to hook me up. I got an alert on my phone saying I had topped up with 5k credit *like magic!* lol. Oya now, how do I check my credit? I hadn’t used Etisalat in a while so I couldn’t figure out how to check anything and turned to my know-it-all best friend, Google. I sha found the code to get the 1.5GB data plan (cost 4k). Sent the code and turned out I mistakenly sent the code for 500MB data plan (cost 2k) and decided to call Etisalat customer care. By the way, see here for full data info (

    While in the car with my sister I inform her that I’m going to call their service center and she laughs like “you think you are in America?” I go ahead to call the Etisalat Service number, 200 from an etisalat line, under the impression that the service is free(I think it’s free to call though as I wasn’t charged for the call). I was told wait time of 10mins.
    As I write it’s been 30mins and no one has responded. And I still keep being told to wait on the line. Now I’ve decided to keep the phone running and see if anyone responds, however this is highly irresponsible! If no one is available why give an estimated time to speak with a rep? And then keep telling me to wait?

    ”All our agents are busy, pls hold, your call will be answered shortly”. Shaking my damn head.

    Some of the issues I encountered included their reps being unable to hear me and being misdirected to the pidgeon English line…urgh! I eventually got through after a couple of tries. The key is to call at night (around 12/1am). After all was said and done, my issue wasn’t resolved.
    Also, I get a lot of VERY CONFUSING TXT MSGS that I can’t interpret from Etisalat. I asked about these and the rep said to type *262*2# and this will deactivate last call summary and all annoying messages.

    Finally, all Etisalat plans are listed here and that’s fantastic! However, this layout is very confusing. I had to click back and forth to compare plans. Some kind of comparison table would be helpful, or even a drop down on the same page for all the services.

    Etisalat is still the best for me though, but clearly shows there’s still room for improvement in our telecommunications sector.

  9. azad_720
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    It may simply be because I am a stickler for detail but I have had a really pleasant experience with Etisalat. I formerly used MTN and experienced first hand their diminishing data experience and increasing reduction in call quality.

    So far I know for a fact how much I am to pay for Data and what I am going to get in return. It may also be due to the fact that I am slightly tech savvy but I would know that there would be something wrong with an offer that provides unlimited internet for a month for 1k5, either that or I would have done some serious homework to make sure.

    Not everyone has the same experiences (I agree) but personally I recommend Etisalat to all my friends on MTN who complain about data stuff atm simply because it is reliable and as you have pointed out, ideal, as long as you know what you are paying for

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