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    Funny friendships are sometimes forged! I was in Ibadan on a day visit just before traveling out and I learnt a friend’s daughter is having her birthday in a few days time. Finding her a befitting birthday present on that day was really a task.
    I was still thinking of what to get for the birthday girl when I suddenly happened upon the office of Exquisto Confectioneries along Awolowo Road, Ibadan. I stopped over and the warm reception I got swept me off my feet.
    What I needed was a surprise gift that would be delivered at a specific time to the little girl. That was exactly what I got from Exquisto Confectioneries. I placed my order and was assured of delivery and I left Ibadan from there.
    I totally forgot about the order when a few days later I got an emotional mail from my friend thanking me for the wonderful Birthday Cake that was delivered very early on the day.
    I never saw the cake, but all the calls me mails kept hammering on the fact that it was splendidly and exquisitily made and decorated!
    That was the very beginning of a wonderful relationship with Exquisto Confectioneries. I’m now known as the cake man, courtesy of Exquisto Confectioneries’ consistent performance. I’ve no qualms in recommending these guys… In fact, when I learnt that they’ve got a Baking School, I had to bring my daughter from Port Harcourt to attend the Summer Class at Exquisto Confectioneries.
    These guys are good, dedicated, innovative, consistent, friendly, passionate and very professional. Once tested, you’ll never look anywhere else.

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      Please can you give me details about the training, I would like to enroll. Thanks.

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      Such an amazing review of your experience with Exquisito Confectioneries! I might just have to try them out for myself this xmas hols….Thanks for sharing!!

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