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    This is a laundry service located in the heart of our school compound in Luth. The address is Shop 23, CMUL Plaza luth, Nigeria. I have been using this laundry service for over 4 years with minor glitches here and there, but as the popular saying goes you never know someone’s true behavior until something bad happens.
    I gave my clothes to fairford laundry for wash expecting to collect them in 4 to 5 days. It was not ready as there had been issues with light here in LUTH, so I was asked to come back in 2 days’ time. I returned after 2 days and got my clothes, it was however at night so I had no time to look at it properly.
    The next day as I was about to start ironing, I came across one which was very faded, it was obvious that this cloth was bleached, I check through the others and I found out that about 6 to 7 of my cloth were bleached. I was totally unhappy as expected, but told myself all will be settled.
    I went on to complain to a light skinned washerman at fairford, he apologized for this incident and told me to choose whether to be paid back or have it replaced, I responded I will get back to him. After due deliberation, I decided it should be replaced to which this light skinned male washerman said okay to. However, he said they were going on Christmas and New Year break, so till next year (Please not all the aforementioned events occurred before 20th December) before anything could happen.
    On the 7th of January, the light skinned washerman renegaded on all he had said and told me he would have to get back to me on the matter. He even said if I was to be paid, I would be paid a very disrespectful sum of #5000. This was just the straw that broke my back, after been patient not to mention been a faithful customer I was been treated poorly.
    After this incident I decided it would be silly for me not to expose fairford laundries for who they really are. A charlatan laundry company with no respect for customers.
    This goes beyond laundries, let us be careful who we are doing business with and make sure we have an insurance policy.

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    Considering the Light challenges in Nigeria, and the price you paid for express, i think thats a fair deal. so my question is, do they only cater to Doctors and Luth students? or the entire surulere community? i ask because it wasn’t really clear what area they serviced.

    In regards to the ‘hitting on you’ part, i mean, if a guy does a job in 24hrs which usually takes 4-9 days…well, he did try to impress you.

    my only concern is, what client did he have to bump down the pecking order? or perhaps they didn’t have any business to service prior to you coming?

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      Fairford Laundries attends to all requests from within LUTH and any where else in Lagos.

      The outfit is very professional and has recently improved its service level agreement with customers pledging delivery from 2 to 3 days. Their packaging has also improved with your clothes looking like new giving off a lovely scent.

      Started since 2012 and has been waxing strong year on year and has remained the defacto laundry and dry-cleaning provider to the Doctors and students in the LUTH community.

      Try them some day, I have and it was a delight!!!

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