Listed and first reviewed on: 02/20/16

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  1. Dami
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    So it was my very first time fixing my hair and I wanted it to be perfect. A friend recommended a salon which I checked up on Google. That was how I got to this blog and came across Fasino. I scheduled an appointment with aunty bisi and on getting to Fasino it wasn’t opened. Aunty Bisi now had a stand in another salon *I didn’t take note of the name * to cut the long story short, from this review I had a budget of 5k but seeing as things are quite expensive now, I was able to get a weaveon for about 1200k x 2 and aunty bisi kindly beat down her price from 4k to 3,500. I got started, it took about 2hours plus, but when she was done I was highly pleased. I left her stand feeling like a new woman. Aunty Bisi is a pro, I would rate her 9/10 and would definitely recommend her for short hair and try her again for other styles. I also want to thank you for this review. It helped a whole lot.

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    I live at Lekki-VGC but I still come all the way down to Aunty Bisi to get my hair done. Especially pixie cuts. She is so affordable, compared to where I’m coming from and she knows her stuff.

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    Aunty bisi is beautiful! She is such a skilled goddess. She makes great shirt hair. I ll rate her a 10/10

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