Listed and first reviewed on: 02/22/16

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    Habaaa!! You caught them on a bad day!! Their food is really good. And you must try the pepper soup! In fact do a take away!! It is HUGE as well!! Enjoy!!

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    Love the fish (grilled and pepper soup)!

    The grilled fish is very tasty and the spicing is on point. The pepper soup comes in a smooth broth with a rich cray fish base and potatoes and plantains etc. Also love the asun. Best things though are the prices.

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    I have made officers mess has become my second home. Fish pepper soup is off the hook, grilled croaker is amazing, the asun (even though too small) is tender and very tasty and the chips ………….WOW ….Its been a while since i have had hand cut chips that’s fried to perfection.

    Its cheap and cheerful …. not the most Bugjie of places but the food makes up for it.

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    Damn, the Grill is good same for the pepper soup! I am a big fan of their prices also.

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    It’s not the most posh place in town but they actually have one of the best food around. A trial will definitely convince anyone, anyone at that.

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    Heading to this place, we were super excited and couldn’t wait to try this fish. The information we got prior to our visit was super nice. Basically we were told Faty’s fish was the truth and no other fish came close.

    Being an avid fan of grilled fish, you can imagine my excitement upon our visit.

    We arrived and immediately ordered for two…since we figured the fish will be so ‘bad-ass’ that one wouldn’t suffice.

    Visually, the Fish looked nice, the aroma coming from the fish as i unveiled mine was fantastic…grabbed a fork to taste and immediately knew this was going to be a bad experience.

    The fish fell short of what i expected and for some weird reason i felt really hurt lol.

    That said, i am going to give it a try again just because of the lady, Faty. I thought she was a joy to talk to and her passion for her business shone through our time there. In addition, i’ll give her my feedback on my first experience as well.

    Positives – the fries were we had in lagos.

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    I always have a fantastic time whenever I come here. The catfish peppersoup, grilled fish and suya: all hits, back-to-back, full measure…
    And the ‘pump-price’drinks.

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    Ah. Their grilled fish is awesome! Was def a bad day the day you went. My colleagues and I come here at least once every other month. Their pepper soup is also nice, with cat fish and bits of sweet potatoes in it.

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