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  1. Sandra G
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    I am currently at First Bank (Berger branch) and I am so poissed ! There is nothing good to write about this bank. I have been on a queue for the past 1 hour . The atm is not working , the staffs are not even concerned about if we r satisfied or not . Everybody is complaining, the security men are just talking to us as if we are not important, I am tired of this bank andd its unfortunate that my mother uses this bank. I am TIRED!!!

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    I do not bank with First Bank, but I hear of their travails all over my school (University of Benin). No one spends less than 45 minutes for a withdrawal. Everything is just slow and sluggish, even the electric doors are a trouble to go through. Oh! Let’s not even talk about their ATMs that are almost always out of service or never able to dispense cash. Whenever my coursemate and I go to the bank street(which has several banks adjacent to one and other), she doesn’t bother going to her bank if she’s got her ATM with her, firstly, because before she reaches the front of the queue at the ATM stand, I’d have received all my services at my bank (proudly Zenith Bank), secondly, since there’s no charge on withdrawals, its not worth the stress. I love my bank. I do free publicity for my bank. I represent my bank cause we’ve got class. I love my bank so much I’ve got a special zenith bag for a precious set of clothes. I advice people to open accounts with my bank and trust me, no one pays me for this. I do that cause at Zenith Bank, you get impeccable and swift service. Bank with us today.

    1. Efe G

      45 minutes is a long time to spend just for a withdrawal! That’s not even fair.
      We’d love to feature your review of Zenith Bank when you’ve got a chance!! 🙂

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