Listed and first reviewed on: 03/28/14

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    I tried their chinese recently , and apparently, it costs 880 naira. And they have a new tasted alright . I Just think they should use slimmer rice

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    Foodie is my joint. I love their spag

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    Sandra G! AlwayS ready to give us tips ! I will definetly try out foodee’s chinese this week. Reviewnaija! Keep up the good work. God bless the team.

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    Foodee! LOL. Its the lovers spot in medilag. The best place for dates lol . I only order their white rice tho. Compared to other places in medilag. Their food is expensive

  5. Efe G
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    Foodee, Foodee, Foodee. How many times did I call your name? LOL

    I’ve only been to Foodee once, and that was during my visit to see Sandre G. On said day, they did not have change and had said there was nothing they could do. Even though it was just 50 bucks I refused to buy that story (because this lack of change situation in the whole of Lagos is becoming unbecoming..hiss). Anyway, since we ate in, I’d told them I’d wait and they better have my change before I was ready to leave…and they did! Overall, I’d give this place 3 stars. The food was affordable (i think we paid like 4k for 3 people + drinks?)…and the service was prompt. However, the lack of change thing wasn’t cool.

    PS Sandra happy for your camera! Yehaaa!

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