Listed and first reviewed on: 03/16/17

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    I bought a pair of size 43 black flat gbemisoke plums about 3 months ago and was disappointed. I decided to buy the flat shoes cos I enjoyed the white gbemisoke sandals I had bought earlier. The plums started showing signs of wear and weakness when I wore it for the second time. I wear this shoe on an average of 3 time a week and I drive to work. Long story short, the sole cracked open and broke into 2 in just about 3 months of buying this shoe. I hope the owner of this brand improves on the quality of her shoes cos I feel like I have been ripped off.

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    I came across Gbemisokes shoes on Internet some years back. I got the blue heels and till today it’s still intact and beautiful. Its got the soles I need and i walk smart in it. I just love the fact that a shoe is comfortable and available when I need. Keep up the good work Gbemi. From @debbiekunmi on instagram following you on twitter with @cecexty

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    I used to hear of this brand name but fortunately my man bought me one of her shoes and I can tell you that the first day I wore it for my interview, I got the job. Kudos to Gbemisoke

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