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    Thery are just a bunch of inexperienced receptionists this is the second time I call before I leave my office in the traffic for a particular movie only to get here and then you hear sorry the movie is not showing. Who the hell then picked the phone to say the movie was running . Starless if possible

    1. Kome G

      Try IMAX Lekki….I’ve had success with their confirmed movie times and haven’t experienced such, luckily.

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    It’s just passable. The seats are uncomfortable. A lot should be done to improve these cinemas or people would continue to download and watch movies at home.

  3. Kome G
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    Very cold! Haba!! Definitely take a sweater/scarf/jacket. Still not enough lightening to go up and down the stairs in the dark. Chairs weren’t the most comfy and the divider doesn’t move!

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    Very uncomfortable. Had to move seats because where I was sat initially was very tight. Back had more space. Also hadn’t just gone to IMAX in Lekki yesterday, I wasn’t too thrilled.

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    I liked the movie, you forgot to mention the part where people kept on shouting, their views on what the characters should do like it was real life scenario. You also left out after the movie, we were left to find our way out in the dark. Anyways the experience wasn’t good. I think the cinema hall is a serious safety hazard. I definitely wunt be going back there without a touchlight….lol

    1. SandraGee_

      I think this is everywhere . I mean, every cinema hall in Lagos at the moment. Its the same thing in filmhouse and ozone too. I go with my nokia torchlight phone. Happily.

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    After the hustle and bustle of the week, I was thinking of how and where to spend my Friday unwinding. I’d heard a radio ad about a jazz and comedy show by the elevation church and thrilled by the list of comedians who were to perform; Akpororo, Yaw, Seyi law, a dance group called SOD, etc. I was so game! I called my friend who later disappointed me having closed from work late. She decided to make it up by taking me to the movies so we headed to Genesis Deluxe Cinemas at the Palms Shopping Mall in Lekki.

    Location/Parking: Palms has a spacious parking lot but the challenge I have is finding a good spot where my car won’t be blocked by another vehicle. It’s easy to locate the Palms without hassle and being a popular place, even if one is new in Lagos, you can’t go wrong with the Palms.

    Pricing/Food: The movie ticket was N1500. We got popcorn which cost N500 and drinks so as to enjoy the movie I guess (but I just feel it’s a regular custom for everyone to go into the cinema with these items).

    Service: On the several occasions I’ve been to this cinema, I’ve always been promptly attended to. We saw “Hunger Games-Catching fire”. It was a beautiful movie but I think it was a bit over- tasking for the hero and heroine of the movie.

    If I’m not mistaken every trending Nigerian youth, if not all, has been to Palms and probably seen a movie at Genesis Deluxe. What was your experience like? Please share…

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