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    I worked on the island some years back (2015) and my office was some blocks away from Ghana High. I had my lunch there for the best part of my work stay and I must commend their food to be quite tasty. As a struggling babe, I had issues with the food pricing…lol (A scoop of rice then was 100) and 3 scoops were never enough for me.
    Some points to note:
    1. Their food is superb
    2. Customer service was top notch (except for a particular serving lady who never smiled)
    3. You’d have to wait for a while before being attended to during rush hour (lunch time)
    4. I never liked the style of going queue up to buy your food before going to get a table for yourself. (Don’t know if its still the same)

    Would I still recommend them to an hungry island man, of course I will.

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    You can get yam with ewa agonyin in the morning. Their fish too are nice.

    1. Kome G

      Hi Malik!

      Thanks for the update/review. So why rate them 3 stars vs. 4 or 5?

      Btw, have you heard of a place called Tosin’s in Lagos Island, around the corner from Ghana High?

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