Listed and first reviewed on: 04/03/15

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    Calling Glo Customer care line 121 is a complete waste of time. I have had occasion to call this number twice and ended up waiting to be attended to for between 15 and 25 minutes without getting the issues resolved.
    The first time, I was disconnected and didnt bother to waste my time any further. The second time I was determined to get served because I had over-scratched my top up card by using a coin, which I believe I carefully did. After waiting for about 21 minutes I was told to call back in an hour as their system was down. You can imagine my frustration, having to go through this horrific process again?
    I tried the online chat but that didnt work either.
    Glo Customer Care is absolutely POOR

    1. Kome G

      I’ve had success with Etisalat on twitter. See if you can get help from Glo on there..

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    Okay that’s crazy. If dnt do refunds then they should @ least give u d service u’ve been charged for. We need good lawyers and a swift legal system to tackle such injustice. Well they say a change has come so let’s hope our legal system will benefit from this change that everybody’s talking about. In the meantime, “No GREE FOR THEM OH!!!”. I think u should keep calling until they listen to you. 2500 isn’t much but its an injustice and no matter hw small, an injustice is still what it is.

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