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    I had always seen God is good motors as the best transporting company in Nigeria but I was so wrong. I boarded a bus from Lagos to Portharcourt at the rate of 10,150 Naira on the 5th day of January, 2020, I stood for nothing less than 20 minutes before I got a ticket. I took my ticket and headed to the bus, immediately I located the bus with its plate number, I felt discouraged cos the sight of the vehicle was appalling but I didn’t have a choice because I was so dependent on GIGM. The first displeasure I had when I got inside the vehicle was that the AC wasn’t functioning properly, I actually thought it was due to the harmattan and perhaps passengers were comfortable with it, it became stuffy that I had to complain only to realize that the AC was faulty. Just after we had a stop over at Ore, three minutes later, the vehicle was smoking profusely so we had no other option than to stop. We discovered that the break pad was burnt, (due to the fact that the break oil passage was wrongly connected)so they had to purchase another, spending almost 1hour before same was replaced. At this point the ‘pilot’ was very courteous. We continued the journey, the weather was freaking hot and the AC( fan) could not serve any purpose again. We had to open the windows without a blind with a lot of dust coming in, moreover the two back windows could not even open. The most annoying part was when passengers pleaded with the driver to put on the Ac( fan) he paid deaf ears perhaps because he had a ear piece stuck to his ears. The vehicle did not even have a radio not to talk less of TV. Despite the fact that the company has a speed limit, this bus was excessively slow and I noticed the difficulty in changing gear. It was indeed a terrible experience for me. Please whenever you intend to book for a ticket and its plate number is *BKW 750 XA* kindly decline. Personally I think GIGM is not properly maintained and has lost its standards, it presently operates with its supposed (“known name”) standards.

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