Listed and first reviewed on: 03/12/17

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    I shopped with them and got all the books i ordered from Amazon. At first i couldn’t place my order myself but i later called their support line and they helped me shop from Amazon. They are really great!

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    I found Goods express on Facebook book and thought it was too good to be true.
    I had to tread carefully so I resorted to buy 1 wig only as trial..the wig and shipping for 10 working days was a total of 11k plus..i didn’t want to use my card online so I made a transfer to their zenith account since I use the same bank.
    Payments was successful and I kept getting update emails for my order for about a week the one day got an email from a lady who seems to be working with them (Jadesola) say she noticed I have trouble making payments to i shld pay into another account.long story short..I replied her laughing and told I if it’s a joke well they better have their last laugh. Since then no updates no call nothing from but the line won’t go through and it’s been 3wweks since then NOTHING till date..looking more like a scam everyday but I’ll give the benefit of d doubt before I consult my bank about their fraudulent transactions and will see from their.

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    Goods Express was exceptional. Fast Delivery , Excellent service. Goods purchased came in perfect condition. Although a start up company, I was wowed to be completely honest.

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    Goods Express really wowed me, the idea is so cool that i had to simply add an item to cart from amazon. it was like moving my amazon cart to Nigeria.

    i was scared at first but it worked well for me with the free shipping.

    thumbs up to the guys behind it.

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    They’re just terrible. Don’t believe any of their marketing lines. Lack integrity. website is wack. customer service bad.

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