Listed and first reviewed on: 02/23/16

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    an update on my post from Green Grill House.

    Someone reached out to me via Instagram and apologised profusely.
    i was also given an apology phone call

    thank you for that.

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    This review is about my experience today at green grill house. I visited their branch in lekki phase one as I usually do and today I got horrible service. I ordered for pepper soup to take away and usually when you place an order, the person who serves you takes the food to the till to ring you up. The man who served me just placed the food in front of me and walked away. I asked him if he would not take my food to the till to ring it up and it said “no” and that was it. I got annoyed, at told him that I visit the store all the time and that’s not the way the things work, the server kept arguing that he won’t carry my food to the till for me.

    i then picked up on of their birthday cards which they sold at their branch. It was about #800, the same man who had argued with me tried to charge me #1000 for it. If I had not purchased the card previously, I won’t have know that that was not the correct price. I complained and the guy pretended like he did not understand what I was complaining about. Had to raise my voice till someone else came and I dealt with the issue.

    if I did not complain, i would have received horrible service and got ripped off.

    green grill house, do better

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