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  1. Ground Zero is a fantastic business concept which should be publicized beyond its current condition. I’ve been there for about 3 times now with my friends and families. Just like a typical Nigerian business with a lovely concept, the state of the facility is appalling. The entrance is too small, the pool board and sticks are terrible. The computer games are still okay as at today, 3rd June 2016 but not all are working. The 3D glasses are not clear and the 5D screen is no longer working. There is something however common to my 3 visits: the attitude of the staff there is seriously messed up except for the Dj and one of the girls who’s short and a little on the plummy side. The remaining girls are rude, unwelcoming and they act as if they’re doing customers a Favour by attending to them! For God’s sake, the management will continue to lose money because of the personnel there. It’s a business and should be run properly with people who ought to keep their personal problems at home. If you’re not happy working, stay at home!

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    Really impressed that Ground Zero is still intact. I went there when they just started and it was a thrilling experience wow I just have 2 ball in there 4 ma buffdai. Keep up with the good work

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    I have been there too. its such a great place. The people are sure innovative. I hope more business men will create more places like that in Nigeria so that we don’t have to travel abroad just to catch fun.

  4. Ok now that’s smthin to look forward to. Thanks for the review. I really like d whole concept of naijareview. Keep it u’all.

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