Listed and first reviewed on: 10/16/14

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    Truth spoken….they have terrible customer service tbh! And the queues at their idi-araba branch is quite annoying! Good review!

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    Sandra! Good Job reporting to the manager. I’ve had my own fair share of terrible banking services. If you want to switch banks, you could go to UBA. They are old, but reliable.

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    Sandra you did very well. I had a similar experience and I threatened customer service I would shut down my bank account and never do anything with GT again (And I wasn’t bluffing).

    Most Banks in Nigeria operate with a mediocre mentality, once they see a person is rich, they give that person special attention, which is stupid really, because “an average customer today can be a wealthy one tomoro”.

    A point to Note: GT Bank is a Brand name, it is an image…so if one branch is useless, the Bank as a brand name is also useless…and if a Branch is good, the whole will also be good.

    Like Sandra said, put polite people at the front desk. However don’t put the nasty ones at the back, it is better to sack them! (If a Branch in a Beautiful Tree is decayed, cut it off so the Tree’s Beauty can remain).

  4. SandraGee_

    Hey thanks yoss for the advice. I am really scared of skye bank tho, i hardly ever see people in the banking hall, then i start having bad thoughts of them closing down and stuff. But I am happy that you agree with me, the staff at the Idi araba branch, NO NO

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    Eyah. GTB is a reallt good bank. I just think they have incompetent staff at their idi-araba branch. Their customer care Enployees are rude and impatient. I think you should stick with GTB and operate from another branch. If you must change accounts.. you should bank with Skye bank.

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