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    Ojuelegba branch has the most incompetent, inconsiderate and in polite Gtbank staff I have ever encountered.
    I lost my ATM and requested for another, after a week I showed up to collect my ATM card, on getting to the pin collection counter Downstairs the card wouldn’t work with the pin POS, so they said they would have to manually print my pin for me and I shoukd come the next day, I got there the next day , the dude told me that thier printer was faulty so I should go to the branch at western Avenue and ask them to “help” me print the pin, that was where d stress cane from , I carried myself and went to western Avenue branch where I had to fill another pin collection form and the pin was printed and giving to me, I went to the ATM downstairs to change the pin and the card still was declined by the machine So I went back upstairs and they told me that the card was bad. I went back to my bank branch which is ojuelegba branch and met the guy at pin retrieval , told him the card was declined and the western Avenue branch said it was bad, Hass me to go to customer care, I got there and this rude bitch called Sarah after explaining my while dilemma to her started talking to me as if I was a nuisance that was bothering her, then asked me to go back downstairs and call GTBANK connect , after speaking to Gt connect the lady asked me to try it again, so I went outside and used the atm and the card still said declined , I then went back inside to pin retrieval and the guy asked one if the staff to go with me to the machine (as if I was an illiterate). On getting to the machin and trying the card herself she Cinformed that it wasn’t working, we went back inside and together to customer care, then they started whispering to each other and after the customer service guy made a call all I heard was “I am sorry I can’t sign” the the lady came back to me and said “mam pls drop your phone number we will get back to you after 24 hours” so I told her am sorry I can’t take this piece of plastic from you, here is my phone number but you hold on to the plastic. At this point I was exhausted from walking about in the hot sun, climbing staircases as if I was doing cardiovascular exercises and narrating the atm pin saga from beginning to end over and over again. Not even the embarrassment of someone going to operate atm with me. I went to counter and withdrew then this guy walked up to me trying to sweeten me up. It was clear that GTBANK was trying to push a piece of plastic in my hand with the hops of frustrating me into forgetting it. But it’s either they replace that atm or refund my money failure to do so I am closing that account for good. It’s high time pple stop swallowing bad service.

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    Can you imagine, 30 minutes for problem of 12 days.
    At least you resolved the problem. Let’s thank God.Nice review

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