Listed and first reviewed on: 03/27/16

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    My fave ice cream place in Lagos. I know a lot of people can’t see the hype but I’m sorry, I do. I love the flavors and the fact that their ice cream isn’t too sugary (cough…cold stone…cough). Sometimes when I eat ice cream from other places I feel the worst type of sugar rush. Also the flavors at HnR are pretty distinct. I can tell one flavor from another. One issue I have with many ice cream places is that most of their flavors taste too similar.

    I also love that they can blast chill your ice cream on request. So for those days when you promised your sister you would bring her home some ice cream but there is mad traffic, they can chill the ice cream to lower temperatures so that it stays cold longer.

    The space is also pretty clean and I LOVE eateries that use white to decorate. Gives it a clean ambiance.


    Sadly the cost. HnR is out to break our pockets yo! There was a two month stretch where I had tons of family and friends visiting from out of town and I ended up blowing so much money because I kept bringing them to HnR. I hope they reduce their prices. They probably won’t.

    Also, their scoop sizes can be stingy. Too bad for them I never keep quiet. I always tell the server to give me an adult sized scoop and stop that nonsense kiddy scoop he is about to give me. I have no shame. It’s my money abeg.

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    Hans and Rene is heaven on earth. There’s hardly any bad thing to say about Hans and Rene. Doughnuts are perfect and the creativity is mind blowing, ambience is lovely, small space, sorbets are just too lovely, customer service is amazing. Lovely team at Hans and Rene. Its always amazing going to the Hans and Rene.

  3. Kome G
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    Their pricing has even increased! Stopped by last week and grabbed a milkshake. It was ok…cost 1k200 or so. I hear they have a new branch at bay lounge

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    I thought it was in a nice location, the employees were pretty friendly. I will say, I feel like they are a bit overpriced. It’s a little too much to be paying N750 per scoop. I got 2 scoops, their hazelnut gelato and a purple fruity sorbet (I can’t remember the name), which both had a great consistency and tasted good. I also got a croissant. It was okay. I don’t think I would buy that again. All in all, I would get gelato from here again.

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    Good thing i tried a solo before asking the kids along.
    Creativity with flavours notwithstanding, nothing to the hype. Just overpriced. You cannot be selling ice-cream or gelato in Nigeria and leave common folk out by overpricing. wetin?!

    1. Kome G

      1 star though? Haba! lol

      I feel you sha. I definitely think it’s overpriced. Haven’t gone back since my first visit.

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    Hans and Rene is definitely overpriced.I used to love their red velvet cupcakes but I have not tried it in over 1 Year.
    For this particular visit in december, I have very little memory of my experience there to be honest… I guess it was not that great but I do remember the toilet tho. It was nicely done and clean

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    i visited on this day too and have to say experience was average. Echo the inefficiency in that there was no clears queue. Knowing naija people, the place should be setup to force a queue even if it was signs that said ‘queue starts here’ , ‘pay here’ so would say the ordering and payment system definitely need to be revamped.
    I had the sticky toffee pudding dessert which I would score a 7/10 as although tastes lovely www over price – 2250 for something that is 4 pounds max in the uk.
    I also had the salty caramel ice cream which was ok in my opinion.
    The place was very neat and toilet too.
    Overall think it’s a 6/10 for neatness, good concept but not amazing ice cream and over priced

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    Maybe I didn’t pick the right flavors or maybe the hype got to me, but I wasn’t overly impressed by the gelato here. There was nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t knock my socks off. They also have a weird system of payment where you order then go somewhere else to pay then back to getting your order scooped up. Just seemed inconvenient to me.

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