Listed and first reviewed on: 04/26/15

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    Can’t lie, but this church is awesome and so is the atmosphere. It isn’t one of those boring churches that makes one want to sleep. Last Sunday was my first time and I’m proud to say this shall be my permanent church

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    The people were AMAZING! Everyone was friendly and then they served us REALLY GOOD food at the end. I was pleasantly surprised.

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    Hicc is special to me, it is my church, I feel a connection with the people I have met here. The sermon is always awesome, I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday expectant.
    The choir is awesome they out do themselves every time. Praise and worshi is also one of my favorite session.
    I believe God is using Hicc and the pastors to send a message to the world. At Hicc we are changing lives and raising pacesetters. We love you passionately just come and you will see and feel it.

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