Listed and first reviewed on: 01/18/16

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  1. Kome G
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    They’ve upgraded the menu and everything is now in dollars…hian?!? How manage?

    Otber than that, ambience was splendid as usual. Music was pretty lit! Mox of 90s rap, reggae, naij music, etc. The bar was packed so service was a little slower than I’m used to here. They didn’t have Sprite for my Star and offered 7up instead…not the same!! Bill was 2020 naira. Anyway, still my fav chill out spot at MMIA.

  2. Avatar
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    Truly a nice place to chill- so long as you aren’t staring too hard at the pricelist. The burger and fries was ok and quite filling too; the ambiance would definitely make you want to stay longer.

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    I’m going to try this out when I travel next and tweet about it. People need this.

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      You should! Especially if you’re flying United…because they’ll definitely waste your time and depart late!

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    Its a nice place to chill prior to your flight…love the decor and staff are always smiling( to me at least)

    My only qualms was when i demanded for my change, i got it in dollars. 1 dollar to be precise.

    I paid in naira you give me change in dollars??

    Anyway i took the money and left simply because i didnt want to miss my flight….on another day, i’ll be having words with the manager.

    Great place though…8/10 for me.

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