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    Harvesters I can boldly say is the best church I ever attended.I joined harvesters in May 2015(New breed),then I discovered what it meant to be transfrormed by the renewing of ones mind.I enjoyed every moment I worship at harvesters with lots of testimony . Though I am out the country, I am still a proud(online) member of this great community. I love harvesters, I love pastor B

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    I had attended Harvesters Singles Connect program in 2013 but i had never had a Sunday experience, not until April 2015. The choir was really amazing, the worship experience was just the best but when it was time for the Word of God…. i was transfixed. It was like i had never been to church before. i stayed from 2nd service through to the last service and if there was a fifth service, i could have stayed. I was in love. Harvesters is my church now and i that’s one of the best decisions i have made.

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    Hicc is really changing life and raising peace setters. I joined Hicc in march 2016,precisly 2nd sunday.l love Hicc and there is nothing anybody can do about it.My life is a testimony. All thanks to God, Pastor B, and his team. U rock!

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    That’s my church very well captured. Sermon on point, praise and worship out of this world.

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    HICC is indeed a spectacular church that has proven that it is here for a cause- raising better people in the society and preparing them for the kingdom

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