Listed and first reviewed on: 01/22/17

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    I agree with the lady above. They are fraudulent and should be avoided at all cost. They sold a 10inch hair to me at the price of 14 inches and kept on insisting that the 10 inch hair was 14 inches.. as if I am blind or senile. I met them at the Gtbank fashion weekend event and thought they were credible. In future I would be careful and not assume that gtbank vets vendors they allow to participate in their events. I am giving them -0 ZERO STAR.

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    My experience with human hair depot has been appalling!!…in fact if there was a way to rate her a -1 out of 10 I would.

    It takes over 24 hours to get any sort of reply from them. They have no pay on delivery facility in place,after waiting for almost 48hours with no further reply from them via WhatsApp( imagine this day of rapid communication?….even in the days when we beat the jungle drum as communication the message would have been received and replied back long before 48 hours.

    Anyways to cut a long story short, I decided to brave it and go down to their store instead.(trust me, those who think they would have been better off doing that should think twice about that)…its a nightmare to locate,..the address is given as 50 awolowo way…one would assume its a building exclusively for them.. Its not…its packed into one of the most dense market areas of Ikeja…human hair depot didn’t deem it fit to provide any landmarks to help customers get there so ended up walking up and down the street for almost an hour in hot sun just to get the number… And you guessed it too….no signboard! brilliant!!!

    While trying to locate this address in midst of all this turmoil tried repeatedly to call the number and get someone who could direct me no response to calls or messages…in fact at some point they switched off the phone

    Finally got to theshop only to be told by some customer unfriendly half asleep girl that I could not get my item as her madam did not have it at the shop. I should pay the money…then go home and they would reliever it to me….WTF?…why did I come to the shop then? Go through all this stress only to be told I can pay but not get my item???…who does business that way?

    So basically you have to beg for them to reply a message on social media, you have to beg for them to sell to you?….ridiculous….I walked out. In my opinion, this woman has done nothing to deserve customers. She treats her customers shoddily all in the belief that people are desperate enough for said items to put up with anything that’s dished out….my beautiful Nigerian women , know your consumer rights….no seller should treat any buyer in such a way. I encourage you if you have had similar dealings with this venture…..boycott her…there are other sellers out there…. The reason this happens is that she has I’ve 10k followers on Instagram….at the end of the day tho…it’s your money that makes the machine go round. Demand respect….

    Would I ever buy from her….absolutely not….no way

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